Homeopathic Remedies for Genital Herpes

Homeopathic remedies for genital herpes are usually put down by conventional medicine. But I really feel they can be useful to many people. I like homeopathic herpes remedies a lot because they’re safe and have saved my days quite a few times.

One of my favorite homeopathic medicines for genital herpes is Vaccinotoxinum. It was never prescribed by my homeopath. I’ve found about it on the internet just like you. Along with Apis mellifica, it has helped me stop genital outbreaks before any blisters could appear several times. Results varied depending on how severe my outbreaks were but I have always strongly felt that Vaccinotoxinum was always a big help. Unfortunately, if you live in the United States, you’ll need a prescription to buy this one.

However there are several great homeopathic remedies for genital herpes that can be bought over the counter or on line. You may not want to use the same ones if you’re a man or a woman and depending on what triggers your genital herpes infections. Homeopathy may not be able to treat genital herpes symptoms immediately.

So here is a list of homeopathic remedies for genital herpes. Hopefully you can find a remedy that fits your profile. Homeopathy being a rather complex therapy, I would recommend however consulting a homeopath at least once just to know what works best for you. Nevertheless, many homeopaths have a tendency to give too many remedies at the same time with very complex dosage varying from day to day. You shouldn’t have to use more than 4 homeopathic medecines for genital herpes prevention and 5 to 6 for treatment.

Homeopathic treatment for genital herpes may not be very efficient at first. But you’re very likely to find it useful, if you use it for a long time. It took me 6 months to see any tangible results but my homeopath told me to be persistent and it paid off. So don’t be put off if your homeopathic medicines don’t work at first.

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