Homeopathic Remedies for Summer Allergies and Black Marks

Allium cepa, when your nose and or eyes run like a faucet, just as if chopping onions. But then the remedy is made from red onion. Discharges can burn. Often there is frequent sneezing. There can also be hoarseness or tickling of the throat.

Ambrosia artemisafolia (ragweed) is for eyes that tear with intolerable itching of the eyelids, eyes that burn and smart, watery nasal discharge with sneezing, stuffy nose, head and chest and a wheezy cough.

Dulcamara has constant sneezing; profuse nasal discharge and teary eyes; worse in open air and gets worse in August as summer begins to change into autumn. Nose totally stopped up; cold settles in eyes, nose and bladder; headache from pressure of stuffed nose. Symptoms arise after lawn is mowed or from hay; sudden changes in temperature; lying on cold damp ground. Symptoms improve from warmth, dry air and moving about.

Euphrasia affects the mucous membranes of the eyes. There can be tears, eye discharges and burning and if there is nasal discharge is will be bland. (The opposite of Allium cepa) Eyelids can be swollen and itchy and the corners of the eyes red.

Gelsemium is for hay fever in warm to hot weather. There is stuffy nose, with thin, watery discharge; violent sneezing from tingling in nose; fullness at roof of nose; heavy, drooping eyelids; hot, heavy, flushed face; dull headache and can have profuse urination. Feverish with chills up and down spine; dull, dizzy and drowsy; fatigued, achy, thirst-less and wants to be quiet and left alone.

Sabadilla is frequently used for hay fever, especially if there are violent sneezing episodes with a runny, stuffy, itchy or tingly nose. There can be severe headaches, bursting pain about the eyes and watering, tearing, red, burning eyes. These could be the same symptoms of a head cold. There can also be a severe sore throat that can be mistaken for strep.

Wyethia helenioides is often used for hay fever sufferers. The key symptom is itchiness, especially the roof of the mouth and throat. The back of the sinuses may experience intense itching also causing the person to try to scratch it with their tongue, causing a clicking sound. There is usually a constant need to clear the throat. A dry hacking cough with burning in the bronchial tubes may follow the sore throat.

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