Homeopathic Remedies For Hair Dandruff

Dandruff can be a tough problem to shake. The itchy, scaly particles are usually caused by simple dry skin, but occasionally a fungal or bacterial element can also be to blame. It’s fairly simple to treat mild to moderate cases of dandruff with homeopathic remedies, but severe cases may require a doctor’s attention (along with a prescription for some medicated shampoo).

Remedies for Dandruff :

The challenge of treating dandruff lies in the successful control of its relapse. It is not very difficult to treat dandruff for once. However, it is not easy to treat dandruff forever!

The treatment for dandruff should aim at controlling the underlying causing factors as well as the symptoms. Here are some homeopathic medicines to get rid of dandruff :

1. Sepia: If you have a moist, greasy scalp, and is sensitive around the hair roots then sepia is preffered.

2. Graphites: If you have a encrusted, moist, smelly scalp, and crusting behind ears then graphites is recommended.

3. Arsenicum: It is prefered when you have a dry, sensitive, hot scalp and is very itchy at night, also round bare patches of scalp showing through hair.

4. Natrum mur: It is preferred when you have lank and greasy hair with crusting around the hairline.

5. Sulphur: If you have a thick dandruff and the scalp becomes dry after washing. Wants to scratch at night which leads to scalp burning then sulphur is helpful over it.

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