Homeopathic Remedies and Medicines for Snoring

Homeopathic theory is the understanding that the body has an innate self-healing function, and homeopathic medicine intends to help the body on its way to self-healing. Much of the time homeopathic treatments for snoring involve decongestion, in much the same way that nasal and throat sprays work. Aromatherapy remedies to help a snoring habit include the rubbing of peppermint oil or marjoram oil around the bottom of the nasal passages to act as a decongestant, to using a combination anti-snoring pill which contains plant enzymes an herbs which break down body secretions such as mucous, reducing congestion, and leaving airways free flowing. Often suffering snorers will use a combination of homeopathy, aromatherapy and conventional medicines in fighting a snoring habit because such treatments as oils also help them to relax.

1. Natural throat sprays and nasal ointments, which tend to open up air passages by using moisture. It is still unknown if these remedies actually decrease snoring.

2. Regena therapy, based on Regenaplex drugs made of homeopathic substances and aimed at complete cell regeneration. Its effectiveness is debatable.

3. Grindelia, Lachesis, Carbo Veg or Sulfur for sleep apnea. Due to the constant adjustment of dosages, each patient has to decide for himself whether it is effective or not.

4. Natural household remedies for snoring consist of different kinds of teas, such as lime-tree blossom, sage or arnica leaves, to be drunk just prior to sleeping.

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