Homeopathic Remedies For Diabetes

Homeopathy sees diabetes as a reflection of the body’s inability to function optimally, an imbalance that results in the body’s incapacity to effectively utilize the insulin that it produces, or to produce sufficient insulin for its needs. According to Alternative Medicine The Definitive Guide: ” Homeopathy is a complete system of natural medicine that can have a therapeutic effect on almost any disease or health condition.”

The metabolic condition of a patient suffering from diabetes requires both therapeutic and nutritional measures to correct the illness. Along with the patient’s strict compliance to a proper diet, homeopathy can regulate sugar metabolism while helping to resolve metabolic disturbances that lead to diabetes. Furthermore, homeopathy helps stimulate the body’s self-healing powers to prevent health conditions related to the illness, such as glaucoma, hardening of the liver, hypertension, depression, atherosclerosis, kidney failure, rheumatic processes, heart disease, etc.

“Homeopathy has been of tremendous value in reversing diseases such as diabetes…” – states George Vithoulkas, Director of the Athenian School of Homeopathic Medicine in Athens, Greece.

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