Homeopathic Remedies For High Fever

1. Aconite: first stage of colds and coughs, sudden onset, develops after exposure to cold air or wind, often with high fever, often with restlessness or fear, chill from drafts, heat comes on during sleep, very thirsty, pupils contracted.

2. Belladonna: sudden, intense fever, chill beginning at 3 p.m., dry, burning heat without chills, face and body burning hot, face red or redness anywhere on body, hands and feet icy cold, right-sided symptoms, craving lemonade, but generally little thirst, twitching face or body during fever (main remedy for convulsions/epilepsy after becoming heated), throbbing, bursting headache, pupils dilated, can go into delirium and hallucination

3. Eupatorium Perfoliatum: fever with severe pain, especially bone pains, chill beginning in back or hands, thirsty before or during chill, vomiting bile, craves cold things during fever, warm things during chill, yawning and stretching before chill

4. Chamomilla: common children’s remedy, especially during teething, perspiration with chills, heat only in back or front of body, shuddering with heat, one cheek red and hot, other pale, excitement, irritability, nothing makes them happy, want things then throw them away, desires to be held, but it doesn’t always comfort

5. China: famous remedy for fevers from malaria or fevers that come and go, thirst with chills, headache with heat, skin sensitive to touch during fever, weakness or fatigue after prolonged fever, worse after diarrhea or loss of vital fluids, most sensitive and irritable during fever, anxiety before chills, sensitive to light, noise, odors, spaced out during chill

6. Arsenicum: chill from 12-2 a.m., periodic (fever comes and goes,) heat of face with chilled body, thirsty for constant small sips, head feels better from cold, but rest of body wants warmth, very chilly, increased appetite after chills, restless, fearful, worried

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