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Homeopathic Treatment For Diabetes

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Diabetes is sometimes called juvenile diabetes, or insulin-dependent diabetes. It means that your body can’t make insulin. Insulin helps your body turn the sugar from the food you eat into a source of energy. Type 1 occurs more frequently in children and young adults, but accounts for only 5-10% of the total diabetes cases nationwide.

The homeopathy drug treatment used in diabetes can be classified in to six groups namely acids, metals, other minerals, vegetables, drugs from animals, and organo therapic remedies.

* The acids used for treatment of diabetes are acetic acid, lactic acid, phosphoric acid, nitric acid, picric acid, carbolic acid, and flouric acid. Acids are often used in patients with debility or persistent weakness. Acid can prevent acidosis one of the greatest danger of diabetic mellitus

* Metals Aurum met, Argentum met, Argentum nitricum, Uranium nitricum, Vanadium, Plumbum met, Cup ars are used as a homeopathic treatment for diabetes.

* Other minerals (such as Ars alb, Sulphur, Silicea, Iodum, Natrum sulph), vegetables (such as Cephalandra indica, Chimaphilla, Chionanthus, China, Curara, Nux vom, Helleborus niger), and products from Animal kingdom (such as Moschus, Crotalus horridus, Lachesis, Tarentula, Lac defloratum) are prescribed based on the individual characteristics and symptoms of the patients.

Best Benefits Why To Use Homeopathic Medicines

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

Homeopathy improves general resistance while improving current condition.

Homeopathic remedies are natural, prepared from extremely small quantities of herbs, minerals and animal products.

It is very easy to take homeopathic medicines. Usually, they are given to the patient in the form of sweet sugar pills that are tasty to eat. Thus, kids become ready to consume them.

These medicines are inexpensive, when compared to allopathic and ayurvedic drugs and thus are very much affordable.

The diagnostic procedure of homeopaths is hassle free and doesn’t involve expensive time-consuming tests. They rely on the patient’s symptoms and accordingly give them doses.

A single remedy is given at a time in Homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathy gives a rapid, gentle and permanent results in most cases.

The use of homeopathy often avoids surgery.

Homeopathic Remedies For Beauty and Gorgeous Skin

Saturday, August 25th, 2012

Healthy and glowing skin often mirrors the health of the whole body. Skin problems are often caused due to internal health and are reflect the overall health of a person. Skin problems can be caused due to allergies, hormone imbalances, nutrition or dehydration.

In allopathic medicine, mostly topical creams are used to treat skin problems. Homeopathy considers that treatment with topical cream may resolve the immediate skin problem on the skin, but mostly drives the root problem deeper into the body, by suppressing its expression. This can lead to other systemic problems.

Homeopathy being a holistic system of medicine addresses the whole person and brings the body into better balance. Homeopathy is very effective for treat the painful symptoms of skin conditions such as acne, eczema, sores, hives, psoriasis, rashes, shingles and warts. Homeopathic remedies can give you a healthy and glowing skin.

Homeopathic Medicine for Snoring

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Snoring is often associated with diseases such as sleep apnea.

So far, only a few workable homeopathic snoring treatments could be found. There is nothing wrong with such therapies, providing a specialist is contacted and a thorough study of medical history has occurred. Especially if one has decided to take globules, a homeopathic doctor should be consulted – if administered correctly, there are usually no side effects. In the case of self-medication, one should definitely consider the correct potency of each dose.

Some Of The Remedies For Snoring are :

1. Natural household remedies for snoring consist of different kinds of teas, such as lime-tree blossom, sage or arnica leaves, to be drunk just prior to sleeping.

2. Grindelia, Lachesis, Carbo Veg or Sulfur for sleep apnea. Due to the constant adjustment of dosages, each patient has to decide for himself whether it is effective or not.

3. Regena therapy, based on Regenaplex drugs made of homeopathic substances and aimed at complete cell regeneration. Its effectiveness is debatable.

4. Natural throat sprays and nasal ointments, which tend to open up air passages by using moisture. It is still unknown if these remedies actually decrease snoring.

Full Definition Of Homeopathy

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Homeopathy is the use of minute amounts of animal, plant and mineral substances to stimulate the body to heal itself. It is based on the belief that a vital force animates all living things. Sickness is an imbalance in this vital force. Homeopathic remedies are chosen that magnify the current condition within the body. The vital force responds by perceiving the imbalance and restoring the body to health. So, unlike western or allopathic medicine, it is not the medicine that reduces symptoms, but the vital force.

The efficacy of homeopathy rests with matching the specific modalities of the illness or injury with those of the remedy. Generally if the remedy does not work it is because the remedy given did not closely match the symptoms. For this reason homeopathic prescribing involves extensive questioning and observation. Constitutional treatment addresses long-term conditions and should only be undertaken by professionals. Acute treatment refers to situations that arise rapidly and generally resolve on their own – homeopathy can speed their resolution.

Homeopathic Medicines For Swine Flu

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Though several vaccines as well as drugs have been introduced to combat the H1N1 virus, most have met with limited success, some running afoul of even the doctors due to their side-effects. Doctors practising homoeopathy, however, claim that alternative medicine can help prevent and even cure swine flu, and that too without side-effects.

Gelsemium. [Gels]
This remedy corresponds to the commencement of the trouble, when the patient is weak, tired and aches throughout the body. It removes speedily the intense aching and muscular soreness. There is constant chilliness and the patient hugs the fire; the fever is less acute than that of Aconite, and the cough is hard and painful. There are paroxysms of sneezing with excoriating discharge, and great torpor and apathy. Extensive experience with this remedy in the great Epidemic of 1918 proved its usefulness.

Influenza with marked gastro-intestinal symptoms may need this remedy, especially when there are putrid diarrhoea stools. Clarke considers this remedy the nearest specific for the disease; he prefers the 30th potency.

Sabadilla. [Sabad]
Sneezing is the great keynote of this remedy. Sneezing and lachrymation on going into the open air. The throat is swollen and the pain is worse on empty swallowing; the sneezing is excessive, shaking the whole body. Shudderings, with gooseflesh chills creeping upwards, are also prominent symptoms.

Arsenicum. [Ars]
This remedy covers more phases of flu than perhaps any other remedy. Hughes believes that it will cut short an attack, especially when there is a copious flow, prostration and paroxysmal coryza.

The trouble here is largely bronchial and going downward. When a person is very grumpy and feels miserable with the flu, wanting only to lie still and be left alone, this remedy is likely to be useful.

Homeopathic Medicine For Skin Diseases

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Listing the benefits of homeopathy in skin diseases which can be broadly classified on the basis of their cause into infections, allergies or auto-immune disorders and physiological disturbances.

Homeopathic Medicine For Skin Diseases

A useful remedy in all cases of skin troubles when the skin is thickened, such as in chronic eczema, psoriasis and chronic urticaria. The sensations are itching, burning and swelling, it also has papules, nettle rash and pimples. Burning sensitive ulcers with offensive discharges. It is almost a specific for hives from shell fish, which itch and burn, and for repercussed hives. Pustules form into scabs. Pellagra may find its simillimum in Arsenicum. Bovista. Baker’s and grocer’s itch, and eruption on the back of the hands. It is also recommended in pellagra, also phosphorus and Argentum nitricum. Sepia. Dry desquamation. Ringworm. Rhus. Vesicles on an erysipelatous base. Clematis. Rawness, worse washing, moist eruption.

The great characteristic of this remedy is the aggravation from washing; this, with scratching, makes the parts burn intensely. The skin is rough, coarse and measly, and there is much soreness in the folds of the skin and a tendency to pustular eruptions. Dryness and heat of scalp, with intense itching, especially at night, and scratching causes soreness; wetting makes it burn. Eczema erythematosum. Eruption of yellow crusts. Eruption at the margin of the hair. Dearborn says Sulphur 6 will cure more pruritus than any other drug. It is our great antiseptic.

our great remedy for all sorts of skin diseases, no doubt often mis-prescribed, and hence frequently disappoints. The symptoms calling for it are very clear; there are moist scabby eruptions on the scalp, face, bends of joints, between fingers and behind the ears. The corners of the mouth and eyes are cracked, bleeding and oozing a gluey, honey-like, thick, tenacious discharge, a fissured eczema is the type. Great itching always accompanies the eruption. The skin may be dry and horny. The hair is dry and falls out. Lycopodium.

Hepar sulf
Chapped skin or infected boils
Mild acne where eruptions are slow to heal and prone to infections

Homeopathic Medicines For Headaches

Saturday, August 4th, 2012

Headaches are probably one of the commonest causes of suffering for human beings. Headache is the problem that can occur due to wide variety of causes; The first step in bringing the person to a better state of being is to stop taking analgesics. Tylenol, aspirin and their derivatives admittedly remove the pain, but only to suppress the illness and throw it into the future with greater vitality. Homeopathy, on the other hand, is reputed for not only relieving the headaches, but eliminating them permanently for the future. Homeopathy addresses all illness on an individual basis, so headache relief needs to be addressed in the same way.

Homeopathic Medicines :

Belladonna : Intense headaches with violent throbbing pains.

Pulsatilla : Headache coming on after meals or after warm, rich, or fatty foods or ice cream.

Gelsemium : Pain begins at the back of the head, extending upward or to the forehead.

Bryonia : Headache aggravated by motion, even very slight motion of the head or eyes.

Nux vomica : Headaches beginning after overeating; from alcohol, coffee or other drugs; from loss of sleep; or from excessive mental work.