Homeopathic Remedies For Digestive Disorders

The digestive tract is critical to the horse’s well-being, and it was poorly designed by the creator, unfortunately. So we are left to help the horse cope with an increasingly artificial diet, stress level and limited exercise. In nature, the horse has a herd, walks 20 hours a day and grazes on rough roughage during that time. The digestive tract functions best in the situation. Modern horse life often consists of processed feeds, confinement many hours a day, a lack of social structure and little exercise. Digestive symptoms from this lifestyle include abnormal stool (too wet or too dry), ulcers, and poor eating habits. Homeopathy offers many remedies to help these horses.

This incident inspired me to write about digestive disorders and how our emotional state can have a huge impact on our digestive health. More importantly, I wanted to convey how homeopathic medicine can be instrumental in healing our emotions as the root cause of our physical ailments.

Homeopathic Medecine :

* Nux Vomica is the classic remedy to use in a colic situation for many different types of colic, from overeating grain or grass to an impaction. It is powerful, but will not cover up serious signs that your veterinarian may need to see. You can give one dose every 15 minutes for an hour. If there are no results, the remedy is not correct or the case is more serious than it seems.

* Colocynthis is a remedy more for a gassy colic, where you can hear loud gut sounds, often without a stethoscope. Your horse may pass gas, or it may be trapped and can be quite painful. The same four doses as mentioned above can be given.

* Aconite is always useful for a colic with a sudden onset, especially if there is cold or windy weather blowing in.

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