How To Cure Malaria Using Homeopathic Medicines

Malaria comes from parasites that are typically transmitted by mosquitoes. It is found generally in subtropical areas like South America and Africa. Each year, malaria strikes around 400 million people worldwide, killing around 3 million of them.

Acute malaria responds well to homeopathic treatment. However chronic malaria, malaria with severe or life threatening complications are more difficult to treat with homeopathic remedies.

The homeopathic remedies for malaria recommended by British homeopaths for travelers to Africa, according to an article in the Daily Mail, are malaria nosode, said to be made from African swamp water containing mosquito skin, larvae and eggs; China Off (made from Cinchona bark which contains quinine); China Sulph (made from quinine) and Natrum Muriaticum (made from salt). Homeopathic remedies are so diluted that often there is none of the original source material in the tiny pills.

Recently homeopathic studies have tried evaluating alternative prevention and treatments of malaria. Artemisin alkaloid is an extract of the shrub Artemisia annua. Several different plant sub-species of Artemisia (Compositae) such as Artemisia abrotanum (Abrotanum), A. maritima (Cina), A. absinthium (Absinthium) are well proven homeopathic remedies. Chinese have used Artemisia annua or “sweet Annie” for more than 2000 years as a potent tea to cure malaria and other fevers.

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