Homeopathy Has Medicines For Patient Suffering From Malaria

Intermittent Fever is usually a sign of Malaria but Fever with Shivering and Chill can also be found in Viral Fevers, Urinary Tract Infections, Septecemia.

Homeopathy is a prescientific philosophy-based system of treatment whose central ideas have been long discredited. Preparations are diluted to the point that there is essentially no active ingredients left behind, and so they are literally nothing but sugar pills or placebos. What’s more, there has been extensive clinical studies of homeopathy, most of it useless, but the well-controlled trials show that homeopathy does not work – for anything.

Homeopathy remedies can probably effectively treat a patient with acute symptoms of malaria but inform your physician if you intend to use homeopathic remedies. Do not rely on homeopathic remedies for the prevention of malaria or treatment of severe malaria. Scientific proof on the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies in either preventing or treating malaria is limited.

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