Homeopathic remedies To Remove Dark Circles Under eyes

Some Common homeopathic medicines used to remove dark circles under eyes are :

1. Cina: This medicine not only helps in the treatment of dark circles but it is also helpful in treating dilated pupils, weak sight from masturbation, eyestrain, yellow vision, pulsation of cilliary muscles, abdominal irritation etc.

2. Chinin S: This medicine is used for the treatment of eye infections. It is an effective treatment for intermittent neuralgic pains in and around the eyes.

3. Cyclamen: One of the best treatments for these blemishes is cyclamen. It helps in the treatment of spots before the eyes, black spots around the eyes etc.

Other than this medicines, there are also other homeopathic medicines such as Psorinum, sepia, spongia, Geranium Inodorum ,Taosca aqua, Thuja ,Triticum Vulgare, etc which can be depended on for the effective treatment of dark circles under eye. But never go for any medication without consulting your doctor. As every human being is born with a different resistance to different medicines. So, no self-medication please. This information is just for your general awareness.

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