Prevention of gastritis

1. since salt can increase the irritation of stomach lining the intake of salt should be decreased.

2. spicy or oily food and regular intake of non-vegetarian should be avoided.

3. alcohol, smoking should be avoided.

4. stimulants like tea, coffee and other beverages like colas which contain high percentage of bicarbonates should be reduced more so on empty stomach.

5. food should be taken at regular intervals, delayed should be avoided to the most.

6. people with gastritis should avoid irritants like drugs which can cause chronic inflammation.

7. patients should also try to figure out food allergies which can vary from person to person.

8. last but not the least stress and anxiety should be avoided. If we study our lives we come across situations wherein there are enough episodes of “avoidable stress”.

9. eat meals at regular intervals.

10. avoid going to bed within an hour after a heavy meal.

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