Homeopathic Treatment For Sinus Problem

1. Kali-Bichromicum: thick, sticky, yellow-green mucous that doesn’t want to move, stringy mucous that sticks together, fullness at root of nose, complete nasal obstruction causing nasal tone of voice

2. Mercurius Vivus: especially frontal sinuses, greenish, profuse discharge, every cold turns to sinusitis, dirty coated tongue, offensive breath, irritable and closed, can’t get temperature right

3. Aurum: chronic sinusitis and runny nose, accompanied by fever and flushed face, cold hands and feet, extreme pain on bending head forward or stooping

4. Belladonna: throbbing head pain, worse bending head forward, face flushed red

5. Causticum: chronic nasal obstruction with post-nasal discharge, constant desire to clear throat but not able to, hoarseness, nasal discharge thick or absent

6. Hepar Sulph: sinusitis with obstruction and thick nasal and post-nasal discharge after every exposure to cold or uncovering the head, “snot” smells like old cheese, very painful inflammation of sinuses

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