Causes with Homeopathic Remedies for Hair Loss

So of the causes of hair loss are :

There are several causes of hair loss. Knowing the cause can help a homeopathic physician prescribe the type of treatment. Genetics, age, illness or hormonal factors may play a role in hair loss. Men may experience male pattern baldness due to androgens, while women may experience a thinning of the hair due to rapid weight loss, stress or pregnancy.

Homeopathic Remedies for Hair Loss are :

For brittle hair that falls out in tufts, fluoric acid is often recommended. Lycopodium, or Clubmoss spores are recommended for eczema, hair loss due to pregnancy or premature balding and graying. Potassium salts such as Kali Carbonicum (carbonate of potassium) and Kali Sulphuricum (potassium sulfur) are given for dry, thinning hair and yellow, waxy or flaking dandruff respectively. Natrum Muriaticum (ordinary table salt) may be used to treat hair loss accompanied by white crusts on the scalp. It may also be given to women who suffer hair loss due to anemia.

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