Homeopathic Treatment For Your Asthma

Asthma is a common disease worldwide which can even be fatal. Homeopathic remedies are effective, proven to be useful in asthma and a holistic system of medicine, which boosts the natural tendency of the body to heal itself. However you should preferably take homeopathic remedies after consultation with a homeopathic physician.

If a person has great difficulty breathing, looks very pale, has bluish lips, or seems to be very weak or in danger of losing consciousness, seek a doctor’s help immediately.

Arsenicum album (arsenic): It is a commonly used remedy in patient with an acute asthma attack. It is generally used in patients with fearfulness, restlessness, weakness, and aggravation of the symptoms at or after midnight.

Carbo vegetabilis: This remedy may be indicated when a person feels weak or faint with a hollow sensation in the chest. Coughing jags can lead to gagging. The person may be very cold (especially hands and feet), yet feel a need for moving air, wanting to sit beside a fan or open window.

House dust mite (house dust mite): In patients allergic to house dust mite, a homeopathic dose of it is frequently useful. As allergy to house dust mite is common in people with asthma it is considered as an important remedy for an acute attack of asthma.

Natrum sulphuricum: This remedy is sometimes indicated when asthma attacks are brought on by exposure to mold and dampness. The person may hold the chest while coughing, because it feels so weak.

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