Homeopathic Medicines for Headaches of All Types



Use homeopathic medicines at home when you or your children have mild to moderate headaches.


It is often difficult to choose the right medicine for a headache. So many headaches are made better or worse by the same factors, and many remedies cover these common modalities. Often the person’s general symptoms are your best guide in choosing the medicine. Use only the strongest, most definite headache symptoms in your case analysis, and compare them to the symptoms we list here. If you still have trouble picking the right medicine, ¬†choose between the first three Belladonna, Nux, and Bryonia. One of these three medicines will help the majority who suffer from acute headaches that have few specific symptoms.

Give the medicine :  Up to every two hours; once improvement begins, repeat only when symptoms are worse again or improvement has ceased for an hour or so.

When to try another medicine : If the symptoms are no better after two or three doses of the first medicine you try.



  • Intense headaches with violent throbbing pains
  • Pain aggravated by light, noise, touch, strong or unusual smells, motion, or jarring
  • Pain begins and passes suddenly
  • Confirmatory symptoms
  • Pain most typically located in the forehead, from which it may extend to the back of the head
  • Face flushed or feels hot, sometimes with cold hands and feet
  • Dilated pupils
  • Relieved by sitting or firm pressure
  • Pain worse from climbing steps or descending a slope or stairway and in the afternoon 



  • Headache aggravated by motion, even very slight motion of the head or eyes
  • Steady aching or sense of heaviness with little throbbing
  • Confirmatory symptoms
  • Pain worsened by slight touch, relieved by firm pressure
  • Pain worst in the morning, especially after first moving in bed or just after getting out of bed
  • Headache centered over left eye
  • Headache accompanied by nausea, vomiting, or constipation
  • Patient irritable, wants to be left alone 

Nux vomica


  • Headaches beginning after overeating; from alcohol, coffee or other drugs; from loss of sleep; or from excessive mental work
  • Headache accompanied by general sick feeling and by digestive upsets including vomiting, gas, or sour or bitter taste Confirmatory symptoms
  • Pain worst on first waking in the morning, improving after getting up
  • Pain aggravated by sounds such as sound of footsteps
  • Pain relieved by wrapping the head up or being in a warm room 



  • Headache coming on after meals or after warm, rich, or fatty foods or ice cream -or-
  • Headaches in connection with menstrual period (before, during, or at end of the period) Confirmatory symptoms
  • Patient wants company and consolation
  • Relief with gentle motion, especially walking slowly in open air
  • Pain in forehead or on one side; or changes location frequently
  • Pain relieved by pressure, worsened by blowing the nose 



  • Pain begins at the back of the head, extending upward or to the forehead -or-
  • Headaches preceded by dimness of vision or other visual disturbances Confirmatory symptoms
  • Sensation of a band or hood bound tightly around the head
  • Pain on the right side of the head
  • Relieved by napping or urinating
  • Aggravated by light, noise, motion, or jarring
  • Patient feels dull, tired, heavy, and apathetic; wants to be left alone but not markedly irritable 



  • Pain in one side of the forehead, particularly the right
  • Migraine headaches that come on at regular intervals Confirmatory symptoms
  • Headache preceded or accompanied by dimness of vision or other visual changes
  • Nausea and vomiting following the headache; headache worse after vomiting
  • Pain improved by walking in the open air 



  • Pain begins in the back of the head, extending to right side of the head or right eye
  • Headaches recur periodically Confirmatory symptoms
  • Nausea and vomiting; vomiting brings relief
  • Pain sharp, splitting, knifelike, or throbbing
  • Pain worse from motion, better from sleep and firm pressure 



  • Stitching, burning, or pulsating pains, usually on the frontal part of the head, often on the left
  • Stiff neck and shoulders accompany the headache, making motion painful Confirmatory symptoms
  • Pain better by lying with the head propped up; worse from stooping, motion, noise, and cold stormy weather
  • Temporary relief from washing with cold water but the pain is worse later
  • Pain in and around the eyes or extending into the eye sockets

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