Treatment Of Thyroid Using Homeopathy

The successful rate in treatment of hypothyroidism by homeopathy is much higher than any other system of medicine. There are many homeopathic medicines for Hypothyroid disorders. As I always says, a homeopathic medicine is prescribed after a detailed case taking. Your complete physical and mental conditions are took in detail on case taking. After analyzing your symptoms a constitutional miasmatic remedy is prescribed by a homeopath.

In the research foundation the main research activity consists of data recording of the treatment of all cases of various types of cancer and other life threatening diseases such as renal failures, multiple sclerosis etc. treated at the clinics of the research foundation using The Banerji Protocols of treatment utilizing homeopathic medicines. At present our patient database has more than 20,000 cases inputted with over a half a million visits recorded. This data is the epicenter of the PBHRF and makes us attractive for research to premiere institutions throughout the world. This is an ongoing research initiative that has been on since 2002.

In conventional medicine, deficiencies are attempted to be covered up by synthetic or so-called natural thyroid hormones sourced from animals. Enlargement or over production is treated by surgical removal of a piece of thyroid tissue. Sometimes a reduction in the size of the gland is attempted by radioiodine therapy. Later, hormonal replacement therapy is required to bring hormonal levels back to the required ratio. The entire process is more or less a trial and error method – first cut down a gland to reduce production, and then replenish the hormones required to standard levels.

In depends upon individual choices whether to opt for homeopathy or not. Homeopathic treatment is a slow process, as it is generally not meant for temporary relief. If administered according to the basic principles of homeopathy, these remedies can provide a permanent cure for thyroid problems. In either case, it must be kept in mind that ten percent of all cases of thyroid enlargement turn out to be cancerous. It is imperative that prevalence of cancer be ruled out before starting treatment.

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