Homeopathic Remedies For Sore Throat

Sore throats can be annoying, but they are a common occurrence during cold and flu season. They may be caused by either bacterial or viral infections, or simply overuse.

Some over-the-counter medications help ease discomfort, but do not actually treat the root of the problem – the infection. In addition, many of these medicines have adverse effects.

Strep throat is the most common bacterial cause of sore throat. Strep throat can occasionally lead to rheumatic fever. Strep throat often includes a fever (greater than 101°F), white draining patches on the throat, and swollen or tender lymph glands in the neck. Children may have a headache and stomach pain.

Homeopathic medicines are often effective in treating the acute symptoms of a sore throat, though professional constitutional care is usually necessary to cure chronically recurring sore throats. Children with much pain from a sore throat or those who have difficulty opening their mouth or swallowing should receive a culture to determine if they have strep.

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