Homeopathic Remedies and Treatment for Constipation

Argentum nitricum treats constipation caused from the overuse of laxatives;dyspepsia; heartburn.

Baryta carbonica treats constipation in the elderly; stools difficult to expel. Bryonia treats constipation with indigestion. Berberis vulgaris stimulates liver and kidney function; indicated in jaundice.

Lycopodium treats chronic constipation in infants, constipation in children with a large appetite; an urge to stool without result in adults. It treats bloating after a meal; painful flatulence, person feels worse between 4 and 8 p.m.

Collinsonia treats abdominal pain, dry, hard stools difficult to expel, person doubles over from pain; indicated for pregnant women. Mucus of colon is an organ medicine which supports the healing and regeneration of
mucosa in the gut. Graphites treats chronic constipation, colic pains, large stools difficult to expel,
distended abdomen, anal fissure, anal pain after stool, piles, person may be overweight.

Nux vomica is recommended for spasmodic constipation, bloating, gas, stomach cramps, drug addiction, person is sensitive, anxious, and nervous. Silicea treats demineralization caused from toxin overload. Chelidonium is indicated for pale discoloured yellow stools. Vaccinum vitis idaea is a gemmo medicine indicated in the treatment of chronic constipation in adolescences and adults. It treats insufficient intestinal mucous secretion.

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