Homeopathic Treatment For Asthma

Asthma (Az-muh) affects all age groups and walks of life. Some races may be predisposed as compared to others; however asthmatic patients happen to exist globally with an alarming increase each year.

This type of asthma usually starts in childhood and is often preceded by eczema. But most of the young adults (<35 yrs) developing asthma also fall in this category. Genetic factors also play a significant role i this. In this type of asthma the allergen leads to production of excessive (IgE) immunoglobulins.

Most asthmatics opt for the conventional line of treatment which includes bronchodilators and steroids. They work wonderfully in acute conditions and when immediate relief is expected. Though helpful, individuals overtime realize that they work only at the level of relieving symptoms and preventing them temporarily. They do not help the body improve its response to allergens (irritants) or simply fail to improve the faulty immune mechanism.

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