Homeopathic remedies for dandruff and hairloss

Dandruff is the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp. As skin cells die a small amount of flaking is normal. Some people, however, experience an unusually large amount of flaking either chronically or as a result of certain triggers which can also be accompanied by redness and irritation. Dandruff is a common scalp disorder affecting almost half of the population at the post-pubertal age and of any gender and ethnicity. It often causes itching. It has been well established that keratinocytes play a key role in the expression and generation of immunological reactions during dandruff formation. The severity of dandruff may fluctuate with season as it often worsens in winter.
The biggest advantage of using homeopathic remedies for dandruff is that it provides a holistic approach to healing as it treats not only the symptoms but also the root cause of a disease or disorder, with hardly any side-effects.In case of dandruff, the homeopathic remedies can be customized to suit the specific requirements of a case.
Homeopathic Medicines
Mezereum 200: Five pills four times a day, helps in getting rid of dandruff. Indicated for dandruff when it is severe, the hair gets entangled and scabs are formed on the scalp.
Calcarea Sulph 200: Five pills four times a day has been found to be very effective, specifically indicated when dandruff is yellowish in colour.
Arnica 200: Five pills four times a day, is recommended for damaged cells, caused due to hard brushing, combing, pulling of hair, tight buns and resulting in dandruff.
Physical or mental stress can cause temporary hair loss. The reason for this is that the hair follicles enter the telogen phase prematurely, this causes them to stop growing new hairs and to shed hairs.
Many drugs can also cause hair loss. Here are some drugs which may cause hair loss – Anti cancer drugs, Epilepsy drugs, anti-acne drugs, Lipid-lowering drugs (clofibrate, bezafibrate), ACE inhibitors for blood pressure, Drugs for treating gout , Anti malarials (chloroquine)
Some disorders of the skin, for example psoriasis, tinea infection, lichen planus on scalp may cause hair loss.
hormonal changes by far have the biggest impact on hair loss. These can affect both men and women. Men generally have hair loss concentrated in a specific pattern from the front through to the crown. Women tend to have thinning throughout their head without being in any specific pattern. This type of hair loss is caused by the androgen DHT, or Dihydrotestosterone.
If iron in the body is low then this may cause hair loss also, this is generally more a problem with women. Both an overactive thyroid and an underactive thyroid can cause hair loss.
Homeopathy has natural treatment for Hairloss without any side effects.
Homeopathy addresses the defective immune response, family history or genetic predisposition, nature and intensity of the disease as well as systemic, emotional and numerous other factors commonly affecting hair loss. Not only it is effective but safe too without any side effects.

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