Bone health and homeopathy

As we know, there are 206 bones in our body which are exquisitely and perfectly set to keep our skeleton in good shape and in a healthy condition. A healthy skeleton reflects the good health of our body.

Today everyone is worried about his health and does his best to keep his body free from diseases. Some are focused on avoiding heart diseases, diabetes or hypertension, others think of avoiding cancer by regular screening tests. However, fewer people think or worry about keeping their bones in healthy condition.

Bones are a live part of our body. They can also breathe. Like skin and muscles they are tissues. Normally bones are composed of a hard and solid outer shell surrounding the connecting plates and rods of bones within which lies the bone marrow.

There are two types of cells in our body, which regulate the growth of bones. They are Osteoblasts, Osteoclasts.

Between age 20-30 our bone building cycle is in balance. Bones are breaking down and rebuilding at the same rate and their overall strength remains the same. But when an individual approaches middle age, the bones become weaker.

In our skin, there is a substance, 7-de-hydrocholesterol which gets activated after coming in contact with ultraviolet rays of the sun. It is converted into vitamin D which is ultimately absorbed into the blood circulation. Cortisol derived from vitamin D is used to increase the absorption of calcium from food into the blood stream.

“Osteo” means bones and “Porosis” means spongy or porous. Failure of absorption of calcium and phosphorous in bone marrow result in the reduction of bone mass and this condition is called osteoporosis.

Calcarea carbonica may be indicated when fatigue, restlessness, chills,back pain and puffy joints are seen.

Phosphorus is another homoeopathic remedy that is used for people who are typically hypersensitive to lights, odors, sounds. Affectionate, craving cold drinks, ice cream, seasoned food.

Calcarea phosphorica is used for people who are restless, desire change, grow too rapidly, crave smoked meat, salty food.

Symphytum – When osteoporosis is a problem, fractures often occur from mild trauma. Symphytum is a remedy that is typically used to repair and strengthen any new fractures that are found in the bones.

Silicia is given to nervous, easily tired and very chilly patients who tend to sweat at night. They have a delicate appearance with weak spines.

Calcarea flourica is another remedy which helps in strengthening the bones. It is needed in cases of malnutrition of bones.

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