Homeopathic remedies of Warts

Warts are small, sometimes large (size of pea) fleshy growths, over the skin on any part of body. They are auto inoculable and contagious. The appearance of warts can differ based on the type of wart and its location. Warts can affect any age. In some cases warts may disappear by themselves with in 6 months or years, but some warts do not go away on their own. Although warts are usually painless but can bleed and cause pain when bumped up.

Juvenile warts – seen in children at back of hands. Smooth, small and flat topped papules of skin color

Verruca vulgaris – they appear especially on hands and feet. Their surface is rough and hyperkeratotic.

Filiform warts – they are finger like growths, slender and thin found on the face and neck

Planter or palmer warts – these occur on palms and soles of feet, they become flat due to pressure but are deep in skin. They are hard sometimes painful lumps, often with multiple black spaces in the centre.

Genital warts – found in sexually active people. They are single or multiple, white, pink, moist or slightly hyper pigmented resembles cauliflower

Occupational warts – they are papillomatous or dome shaped deep warts with smooth surface found  on dorsum and palmer aspect of hands. Common in butchers and fish handlers.

The patient should consult a qualified homeopathic doctor in person. Few important medicines for the warts are given below which are helpful in cure for warts:

Thuja – head remedy in the way of cure for warts in which warts in crops; wart like excrescenses on back of head, on chin, etc. flat black warts, large seedy, pedunculated; sometimes oozing moisture and bleeding readily.

Calcaria Carb – excellent remedy helpful in cure for warts in which small, horny warts in large numbers with itching and stinging; inflamed; ulcerated

Sulphur – hard, painful, throbbing warts.

Natrum Mur – helpful in cure for warts especially on the palms.

Sepia – warts on margin of prepuce; on the body; large hard black warts.

Causticum – warts soft at base, horny on surface; warts on arms and hands, on eyelids and face.

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