Your bone and health – problems and remedies

As we know, there are 206 bones in our body which are exquisitely and perfectly set to keep our skeleton in good shape and in a healthy condition. A healthy skeleton reflects the good health of our body.
Today everyone is worried about his health and does his best to keep his body free from diseases. Some are focused on avoiding heart diseases, diabetes or hypertension, others think of avoiding cancer by regular screening tests. However, fewer people think or worry about keeping their bones in healthy condition.
Between age 20-30 our bone building cycle is in balance. Bones are breaking down and rebuilding at the same rate and their overall strength remains the same. But when an individual approaches middle age, the bones become weaker. We never notice it until finally we start developing a stoop, get occasional backache and lose weight. This is because our spinal vertebrae become weak and collapse under our body weight – resulting in curved spine. Besides the vertebrae, the pelvis, the ribs and long bones of our body are also affected. As we become older, the outer shell of our bones become thin and a stage may come when even a single sneeze or cough can fracture a bone.
Diet plays a very important role in bone health. Osteoporosis can be prevented by improving the digestive system along with intake of food rich in calcium, vitamin D and proteins.
Our diet should contain natural foods, milk and dairy products, fish and eggs, cod liver oil, green leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage, beans, peas and all types of nuts, dates, figs etc.
Calcium is best absorbed in body in the form of milk and cow’s milk is the richest source of calcium. Soy contains not only calcium but also plant oestrogen and it seems to help maintain bone density.
Fruits like half ripened papaya, chikoo and mango containing phosphorous can help retain calcium in the body. A high protein diet can raise excretion of calcium. In women 50 gms, and in men 65 gms of proteins daily are suggested.
Keeping a good digestive system is essential to prevent osteoporosis. The Calcium we eat in our diet is better for building healthy bones than calcium taken from supplements. Supplements should contain vitamin D also, which facilitates the absorption of calcium. Sometimes calcium supplements may cause constipation. Drinking more water and eating food rich in fibre such as vegetables and fruits can help avoid this. People must be exposed to sunlight for at least 10-15 min daily as sunlight is considered to be the richest source of vitamn D.

Although homoeopathic medicines do not reverse any existing bone loss, they help to ease the pain of bones, help the bones to heal from any breaks or fractures, and allow the absorption of essential minerals and nutrients to prevent bone loss. There are numerous homoeopathic remedies to combat osteoporosis.
Calcarea carbonica may be indicated when fatigue, restlessness, chills, back painand puffy joints are seen. The symptoms are known to worsen if the weather is coldand damp. Anxious, chilly, perspire during sleep, crave sweets.
Phosphorus is another homoeopathic remedy that is used for people who are typically hypersensitive to lights, odors, sounds. Affectionate, craving cold drinks, ice cream, seasoned food. Often tall and skinny.
Calcarea phosphorica is used for people who are restless, desire change, grow too rapidly, crave smoked meat, salty food. They get exhausted very easily when undertaking any physical activity. Bone spurs or calcium deposits often develop and recovery from fractures is extremely slow.
Symphytum - When osteoporosis is a problem, fractures often occur from mild trauma. Symphytum is a remedy that is typically used to repair and strengthen any new fractures that are found in the bones. It is also associated with reducing the pain in old and healed fractures.
Silicia is given to nervous, easily tired and very chilly patients who tend to sweat at night. They have a delicate appearance with weak spines.Their injuries are often slow to heal and they tend to have a low resistance to infection.
Calcarea flourica is another remedy which helps in strengthening the bones. It is needed in cases of malnutrition of bones. Worse on beginning motion, and better from warmth. Fear of poverty.

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