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Types of Skin Diseases You Should Know

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

Skin diseases are always irritating for everybody as they are visible to everyone. In this world every one whats himself to look the best of all no matter how they actually look. On that if anyone gets any kind of skin disease then it is very irritating. There are some homeopathic remedies which can cure skin diseases. Some of the Homeopathic Medicines for for skin diseases are :

1. Hamamelis

2. Silica

3. Sepia

4. Aloe

5. Anacardium occ

6. Antimonium crud

7. Antimonium tart

8. Arnica

9. Arsenicum album

10. Belladonna

11. Calc. carb

12. Calc. phos

13. Causticum

14. Dulcamara

15. Aloe

16. Anacardium occ

17. Antimonium crud

18. Antimonium tart

19. Arnica

20. Arsenicum album

21. Belladonna

22. Graphites

Is high cholesterol a problem for your health?

Monday, November 10th, 2014

Cholesterol is fat, or lipid. It is also a sterol, from which steroid hormones are made. If you held cholesterol in your hand, you would see a waxy substance that resembles the very fine scrapings of a whitish-yellow candle. Cholesterol flows through your body via your bloodstream, but this is not a simple process.
High-density lipoprotein cholesterol, the pickup-truck fleet, is known as the“good” cholesterol. This is the compact, or high-density, form of cholesterol.
Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol is known as the “bad” cholesterol; however, LDL cholesterol is bad for your body only if you have too much in your bloodstream or your have too much of the particularly harmful type.
Is cholesterol really harmful for your heart ?
Too much cholesterol in the blood can lead to blockage of the arteries. Fatlike deposits may build up inside arteries that provide blood to the legs, blood to the brain, or blood to the heart.
When blood flow through a coronary artery (blood to the heart is completely blocked, an area of the heart muscle does not receive the blood and therefore the oxygen blood carries that the heart needs to survive. When this happens, a heart attack occurs.
How you can minimize your cholesterol level and live your live healthy and disease free ?
If you increase your physical activity each day or exercise regularly, it will stimulate the liver’s production of High density lipoprotein is Losing excess weight can also improve your High density lipoprotein profile. Where regular physical activity can increase your High density lipoprotein cholesterol, reduce cholesterol, and reduce triglycerides. Since triglycerides are a blood fat, they are available to the body as a source of fuel for muscular activity. Therefore, people who are active can use up the triglycerides in their bloodstream s a source of energy.
Homeopathic treatment for cholesterol related abnormal symptoms
The aim of homeopathy is not only to maintain cholesterol level but to address its underlying cause and individual susceptibility. As far as therapeutic medication is concerned, several medicines are available for cholesterol related abnormal symptoms treatment that can be selected on the basis of cause, sensation, modalities of the complaints. For individualized remedy selection and treatment, the patient should consult a qualified homeopathic doctor in person.
Some following remedies are given below
Which are quite helpful to treat the symptoms and condition related to abnormal cholesterol level:
Baryta Mur, Aurum Mur, Plumbum Iod, Baryta Iod, Crataegus, Thiosinaminum, Natrum Iod, Strontium Carb, Vanadium, Aurum Met, Aurum Iod and many other medicines.


Homeopathic remedies for rashes

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Rashes are often caused by contact with an irritating substance (oil from poison oak or ivy plants, ingredients in cleaning products and cosmetics, chemicals in swimming pools or hot tubs, pollutants in the air and water, etc.). Some have viral causes (such as roseola, rubella, measles), and others appear for no apparent reason. If possible, the cause of a rash should be determined and removed. Homeopathic remedies can be useful in many cases, to soothe the itching, inflammation, and discomfort.

Homeopathic Medicines For Rashes

* Anacardium orientale: This remedy is often helpful for rashes that come from poison oak, or other kinds of contact dermatitis. An intensely itching rash with swelling and fluid-filled blisters may appear. Itching is worse from applying heat or contact with hot water.

* Belladonna: This remedy is useful for conditions with sudden onset that are hot, bright red, and throbbing. Rash may be accompanied by fever.

* Bryonia: A bumpy, hot, and dry rash may respond to this remedy. Discomfort may be worse from heat and touch, although applying pressure or lying on the affected side often soothes the itching. If illness accompanies the rash, the person wants to lie completely still and be left alone.

* Graphites: Rashes with eruptions that ooze a sticky golden fluid, then crust over, may be relieved with this remedy. Itching is worse from warmth and worse at night.

* Apis: When a rash is the result of an allergic reaction and takes the form of hives, or if a rash is very pink and swollen with burning or stinging pain, this remedy may be useful. Discomfort and swelling are relieved by cold applications.

* Ledum palustre: This remedy is indicated for a puffy and swollen rash. Both the swelling and the itching are relieved by cold applications.