Types of Skin Diseases You Should Know

Skin diseases are always irritating for everybody as they are visible to everyone. In this world every one whats himself to look the best of all no matter how they actually look. On that if anyone gets any kind of skin disease then it is very irritating. There are some homeopathic remedies which can cure skin diseases. Some of the Homeopathic Medicines for for skin diseases are :

1. Hamamelis

2. Silica

3. Sepia

4. Aloe

5. Anacardium occ

6. Antimonium crud

7. Antimonium tart

8. Arnica

9. Arsenicum album

10. Belladonna

11. Calc. carb

12. Calc. phos

13. Causticum

14. Dulcamara

15. Aloe

16. Anacardium occ

17. Antimonium crud

18. Antimonium tart

19. Arnica

20. Arsenicum album

21. Belladonna

22. Graphites

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