Homeopathic Treatment for Diabetes

Homeopathy has complete say in curing of diabetes. Homeopathy as such has a vital role to play in the cure and management of diabetic patients. Diabetic patients who go for homeopathy get rid of the life-long disease. Homoeopathy can be used effectively in the treatment of Hyperglycemia.


Homeopathy and Diabetes

  • Phosphorus: to stabilize blood sugar levels.
  • Syzygium Jambolanum: reduces level of sugar immediately, use 5 drops of it after every 6 hours
  • Aurum Metallicum: reduces craving for sugar with the diabetic patients
  • Uranium Nitricum: improves nephritis problems.
  • Arsenicum Bromatum: normalize excessive thrust and hunger, common with diabetes.
  • Insulinum: helps to improve the functioning of pancreas
  • Phosphoric acid has remarkable power to cure diabetes in the early stage.
  • Lactic acid good remedy for diabetic patients


Diet Plan for Diabetes

The diet of a diabetic patient is utmost importance. The goal of a diabetic diet is to avoid any surges in the blood glucose by maintaining ideal body weight through proper nutrition. The diabetic patients should follow three meals and three snack pattern in their diet plan.  The main aim of diabetic diet is to maintain blood sugar level (70-140 mg/dl), cholesterol level (200 mg/dl ) and blood pressure (120/80 mm Hg).


Diet Schedule for Diabetic patient

Morning :       Bitter gourd juice 1-2 ounce (40 ml)
Breakfas t:     Skimmed M ilk (250-400ml) or Butter milk or Sprouted gram, moong, methi approx. 50 gm or Fresh Amla juice 50 ml
Lunch :         Roti( wheat + gram flour) 25-50 gm, green vegetablkes 250gm, Salad 50gm,  Moong 25 gm Curd 150gm + 1 glass butter milk
Evening :       Roasted gram 30 gm, Vegetable soup or 1 glass butter milk
Dinner :         As in lunch but use of curd is not advisable at night.


Best Fruits and Vegetables in Diabetes

Some of the most beneficial food for diabetic patients is given below. Some foods are also to avoid as these may cause heart disease and increase high blood pressure

  • Fresh fibrous fruits and vegetables are useful  in diabetes
  • Soyabean, Bean, Turnip, Cucumber, garlic, Lauki, Bitter gourd, Spinach, Fenugreek, Bathua, Chaukie, Amla,  Jamun, Bel, , cabbage, tomato and  carrot.


Diabetic Lifestyle

  • Skip sleeping at day time
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid smoking
  • Take care of your ENT parts
  • Follow exercise regularly
  • Do Yoga
  • Take extra care of your food
  • Make your dietary chart


Foods to Avoid for Diabetes

  • Cakes
  • Fast and junk foods
  • Jaggery
  • Ghee
  • Butter
  • Cold drinks
  • Biscuits
  • Dried fruits like badam
  • Oil for cooking.


Preventions and Precautions for Diabetes

With the help of regulated diet, alternative system of medicine and proper module of exercise; diabetes can be controlled and managed to a larger extent.

  • Avoid sugary substances /products completely.
  • Use of junk, oily, fried and fat enriched foods should be avoided.
  • High fibrous food should be preferred.
  • Avoid non-veg.
  • Avoid ghee, vanaspati, fine flour, smoking, chewing of jarda and gutka.
  • Keep yourself away from stress as it is the root of many diseases.
  • Frequent and excessive eating put you in danger
  • Apathy for exercise may put you in danger.
  • Do healthy physical exercise along with Yoga and meditation


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