4 Best Homeopathic Medicines To Treat Grey Hair


Greying of hair is the loss of melanocytes pigment in the hair follicles. It is also described as canites, poliosis, blanching of hair or whiteness of hair. The average age when a human being starts showing gray hair is between 35 and 45. However, in cases of premature greying, hair may start changing its color in the twenties itself. The exact pattern and age depends on the individual and his/her genetic history.

Greying of hair mostly happens because of genetic influence, deficiency of vitamin B12, malfunctioning of thyroid or pituitary glands, malnutrition, stress and lack of care and hygiene. Homeopathy is known to have cures for this condition and has helped many people tackle this issue effectively.

Some of the homeopathic medicines are mentioned below that are commonly used to treat grey hair :

1. Lycopodium:

This medicine is prescribed in cases where the greying has started from the temple regions and has reached the vertex area. The person can also use this medicine, when there is profuse hair fall.

2. Sulpher Or Tinea Captis (Dry Form):

Sulpher or Tinea Captis is the prescribed medicine for dry scalp and acute hair fall. The patients showing signs like pain in the hair roots and itchy scalp are mostly given this medicine.

3. Acid Phos:

In cases where hair starts greying prematurely and shows signs like hair thinning and hair falling, Acid Phos is given. This medicine is prescribed for oily or flaxen hair. Acid Phos is advised if the hair is greying and falling after a prolonged illness or psychological shock.

4. Psorinum:

The patients who have greying of hair in certain spots are advised Psorinum. This medicine is also given if there is humid eruption on scalp, matted or dry hair or even if the hair feels pulled.

Note: It is advisable to consult a doctor before taking any of these medicines.

Along with prescribing homeopathic medications for greying hair,  some dietary changes should also be considered. These changes include taking food rich in vitamin B, such as yoghurt, yeast, and wheat germ; increasing the intake of food rich in iron, such as carrots, dates, bananas, etc., and including ample amounts of curry leaves in the diet. This is done as vitamin B and iron impart towards the proper growth, health and maintenance of the black color of the hair. Curry leaves also help in coping with the condition of grey hair and even helps in strengthening their roots.

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