Homeopathic Treament for Chlorine Allergy


Chlorinum, or Chlorum, works to treat chlorine sensitivity for those who love swimming pools, but afterwards suffer. Sensitivity may show as respiratory symptoms such as wheezing, sneezing or skin symptoms such as hives or eczema. Water chlorination through baths, showers and swimming is absorbed through skin.

Homeopathic potenized allergens gently, safely expose the person. This allows the natural defenses to properly adapt to the allergen and no longer react to it adversely.

Homeopathy seeks to naturally stimulate the body’s natural defenses against allergy symptoms. Homeopathic potenized allergens balance and allow the body to react less frequently and less severely to allergens.

Chlorinum is listed for respiratory concerns, breathing difficulties, trachea problems.

Suggested dose for chlorination concerns: Dose 1 day prior to swimming and day following exposure. If swimming daily, dose before and after swimming.General dose for chronic conditions is 3 pellets 3 times a day with less frequent dosing as improvement is made.
1 oz with 680 pellets for 225 doses.

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