Hepar Sulphur is an important polycrest remedy

Hepar Sulphur, also known as Calcium sulphide of Hahnemann, and sulphur of lime. Complete name Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum, is from an impure sulphide of Calcium. Prepared from burning the white interior of oyster shells with pure flowers of sulphur.
Hepar Sulphur is a remedy indicated for unhealthy skin conditions. Is a favorite for acne as it helps the skin to clear faster. Key remedy for teen and adult acne.

Provings have also shown symptoms of eczemas, foul smelling pus from eruptions with skin sensitive to cold and touch.

This remedy is indicated for many other ailments. Coughs and sore throats where something feels like it is stuck in the throat. Colds, earaches with discharge, swollen lymph glands with the person feeling chilly, irritable, oversensitve to surroundings, worse with cold applications.

Digestive problems with smelly, offensive stools.

Person feels chilly and is sensitive to the cold.

Mental symptom of wanting to set things on fire
Physical symptom of something caught or sticking in throat

Keynote Summary:
Unhealth skin, Acne
Sensation of something caught in throat, like a fishbone

Better from:damp, wet weather warmth, wrapping ears and head, after eating

Worse from: very sensitive to the slightest touch, clothes brushing on painful area
lying on painful side,dry, cold air, in the morning,worse from not being covered up,
from being chills or from drafts,cold food or drink

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