Arteriosclerosis {ahr-tir-ee-oh-skluh-roh’-sis} is a term used to describe several diseases that involve the cardiovascular system and the many arteries and vessels which make it up. Atherosclerosis invades both the superficial and deep layers of the vessel walls. Arteriosclerosis is often referred to as “hardening of the arteries.”

Arteriosclerosis occurs over a period of many years during which the arteries of the cardiovascular system develop areas which become hard and brittle. Vessels become thickened. There is a loss of elasticity. It can involve the arteries of the cardiovascular system, the brain, kidneys, upper and lower extremities. This occurs because of the deposition of calcium in their walls.

Arteriosclerosis can result in different set of symptoms depending upon which arteries are more affected. Arteriosclerosis can lead to hypertension, coronary artery disease (angina and heart attack), vertigo, impotence in males, intermittent claudication and even kidney failure, stroke or paralysis in extreme cases etc.

 Homeopathy Treatment

#Baryta muriatica [Bry]
This drug produces lesions of arteriosclerosis of the large blood vessels and aorta, similar to senile atheroma. It would be difficult to find a drug having closer resemblances to the phenomena of arteriosclerosis than Baryta muriatica. It has the headache which is more or less severe, but which is rather a heaviness, worse at night when lying down. Dizziness of old people. Apoplexy or threatened apoplexy, with buzzing in the ears. It should be given for a long pulmonary arteriosclerosis. It should be given for a long time.

#Arnica [Arn]
This is a remedy of value in cerebral arteriosclerosis,vertigo of the aged, heaviness and cerebral affections, plethoric people who have a tendency to haemorrhages.

#Plumbum [Plumb]
Hypertension and arteriosclerosis. It seems to suit rather the pre- sclerotic states than those of actual sclerosis, which latter are naturally unattackable by any drug. It has a cramp like constriction of the peripheral arteries, a wiry pulse, and especially if the symptoms be associated with a chronic nephritis it is all the more indicated. Patient feels the pulse in the fingers.

#Aurum muriaticum [Aur-m]
It corresponds well with ;old age and if the characteristic mental symptoms of Aurum are present it will help promptly. It seems to have a special affinity to the arteries of the head. It is probably more useful than Aurum iodatum; both are powerful, deep-acting drugs.

#Ergotin [Ergot]
In ergot poisoning the arterial walls ares degenerated and stiffened there is a spasmodic contraction of the vessels, the heart’s action is increased and the cost of the vessels ares hardened. In the beginning of arteriosclerosis when only the cardiac irritation and the hard heart sounds are present Ergotin 3x or 6x is the chief remedy. In more progressive forms with endarteritic processes in the heart and arteries of the head, the 2x and 1x triturations are to be preferred. A curative action is frequently had in these cases,. It corresponds to and should be used especially in early cases.

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