Homeopathy treatment, or homeopathy medicine for the cure of corns

A corn or callus are areas of thickened skin that occur in areas of pressure. They are actually a normal and natural way for the body to protect itself. For example, callus develops on the hand when chopping a lot of wood – its a normal way for the skin to protect itself. In the foot, the skin will thicken up to protect itself when there are areas of high pressure. The problem occurs when the pressure continues, so the skin gets thicker. It eventually becomes painful and is treated as something foreign by the body.


• Pain in feet or heel on standing or walking.
• Variations in temperature, especially cold, dampness which cause spontaneous pain.

Homeopathy treatment


Corns inflamed, large horny placed on soles of feet close to the toes; thickened skin of soles & feet. Corn on soles & toes. Inflamed corn with great sensitiveness of soles on walking. Aching, stitching pains in corns.
For children and young people inclined to grow fat; for the extremes of life. Old people with morning diarrhea, suddenly become constipated, or alternate diarrhea and constipation; pulse hard and rapid. Sensitive to the cold < after taking cold.


Corns on heels and toes. Very sensitive. Very painful, stinging, stitching, smarting pain.
Nervous women, sanguine plethoric persons, lively expression and very red face. For the bad effects resulting from mechanical injuries; even if received years ago.

Corns with skin parchment like sore, painful corns which are very sensitive; soreness especially in toe joints and corns.
Pain better while thinking of it. Persons physically and mentally weak and irritable. Exceedingly sensitive to cold air. Bad effects of shock from injury; surface of body cold, face pale, blue, lips livid; profound prostration. Surface cold to touch, yet cannot bear to be covered; throws off all coverings. Entire body painfully sensitive to slightest touch. Tongue cold, flabby, trembling. Sudden attacks of vomiting and diarrhea; nose cold and pointed; anxious and restless; skin and breath cold. In first stages of cholera morbus and Asiatic cholera; severe, long-lasting chill.


Corns with yellow discolouration. Multiple corns which are very painful.


Rough, hard, dry and unhealthy skin. Thin sticky, glutinous discharge. Soreness and aching in corns. Horny skin on toes.
Suited to – Excessive cautiousness; timid, hesitates; unable to decide about anything. Fidgety while sitting at work. Sad, despondent; music makes her weep; thinks of nothing but death.


Corns that are very sensitive with tearing pain. Skin becomes thick and indurated. Painful callosities on soles, toes and fingers contracted. Inflammation with stitching and soreness.
For persons intellectually keen, but physically weak; upper part of body emaciated, lower part semi-dropsical; predisposed to lung and hepatic affections; especially the extremes of life, children and old people. Deep-seated, progressive, chronic diseases. Pains: aching-pressure, drawing; chiefly right-sided, <. four to eight p.m. affects right side, or pain goes from right to left.


Corns, painful scars. Greasy skin. Boring, tearing and stitching pain. Worse walking and standing.
For the anaemic and cachectic, whether from lots of vital fluids- profuse menses, seminal losses- or mental affections. Great emaciation; losing flesh while living well. Throat and neck of children emaciate rapidly during summer complaint. Great liability to take cold. Irritability: child cross when spoken to; crying from slightest cause; gets into a passion about trifles, especially when consoled with. Awkward , hasty, drops things from nervous weakness. Marked disposition to weep; sad weeping mood, without cause, but consolation from others <. her troubles.


Acute painful corns. Acrid exudation which makes surrounding parts sore. Corns on ball of 1st and 2nd left toes, sensitive to touch and pressure, smart and burn; very painful when letting leg hang down, they also throb and especially painful by flexing toes. Better by extending them, wearing thick soled boot at times. Numbness in corns, knocking toes against anything so as to cause boot to grate against corns, causes great pain and burning.


Inflamed corns with stitching, burning pains. Soreness of soles. Stitches in the corns, jerking up the feet.
Adapted to the nervous, irritable, sanguine temperament; persons of a psoric diathesis. Persons of light complexion; fine dry skin; pale face; weakly, with lax muscles. Constitutions which suffer from deficient nutrition, not because food is lacking in quality or quantity, but from imperfect assimilation; oversensitive, physically and mentally.

Corns from pressure. If a shoe presses anywhere on the skin, a great corn or bunion develop. Burning, aching, tearing & stitching pain. Desquamation excoriation of the skin.

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