Homeopathic remedies for vomiting

Homeopathic remedies for vomiting and nausea. Vomiting of bile, vomiting after eating, vomiting in pregnancy, vomiting in children homeopathy remedy list.

Nausea is the sensation of having an urge to vomit. Vomiting is forcing the contents of the stomach up through the esophagus and out of the mouth.

Vomiting is a forceful action accomplished by a fierce, downward contraction of the diaphragm. At the same time, the abdominal muscles tighten suddenly against a relaxed upper stomach with an open sphincter. The contents of the stomach are propelled up and out.

An amazing variety of stimuli can trigger vomiting, from migraines to kidney stones. Sometimes, just seeing someone else vomit will start you vomiting, in your body’s effort to protect you from possible exposure to the same danger.

Homeopathic remedies for vomiting

There are many homeopathic remedies for vomiting. However, the suitability of a homeopathic remedy for vomiting depends upon the cause and exact symptoms associated with vomiting. If vomiting is associated with any serious illness or is severe, please consult your physician before taking any homeopathic remedies for vomiting.

#Ipecac. [Ip]
The fact that small doses of Ipecac check vomiting is a homeopathic legacy to allopathy. Ipecac has vomiting preceded by much nausea, a clean tongue and it is especially apt to occur after a meal. It is of doubtful value, however, in vomiting of cerebral origin.

#Antimonium crudum. [Ant-c]
Vomiting with a white coated tongue is characteristic of this remedy. The patient vomits as soon as he eats or drinks. It is indicated in vomiting from an overloaded stomach, from eating indigestible substance, such as fat foods or from the heat of summer.

Kreosote suits vomiting of food in an undigested form after it has lain in the stomach for a long time. It is sympathetic vomiting, the irritation starting from some other organ than the stomach. It suites the vomiting of phthisis, cancerous growths, kidney diseases and is also useful in the vomiting of hysteria.

#Aethusa. [Aeth]
A wonderful remedy in vomiting of children where large green curds of milk are vomited, followed by great exhaustion; there is a drawn looks about the mouth suggestive of nausea. The child is hungry, and soon after eating or nursing the vomited matters come with a rush and the child falls back exhausted, only to rouse up and go through the same process again.

#Phosphorous. [Phos]
A very useful remedy in chronic vomiting of dyspepsia. There is great thirst for cold water, but as soon a it becomes warm in the stomach it is vomited. Phosphorous is also useful in vomiting of blood in gastric ulcer and cancer.

Bismuth. Vomiting immediately on taking foods, with burning pain.

Calcarea carbonica. The patient vomits milk as soon as taken, in sour cakes and curds.

#Belladonna. [Bell]
Suits especially vomiting of cerebral origin, and here Glonoine is also apt to be needed.

Camphor monobromide. This remedy is useful in the persistent vomiting of children in brain affections.

Apomorphine. Vomiting of cerebral origin; profuse and sudden vomiting with little or no nausea.

#Iris versicolor. [Iris]
Periodical vomiting spells and especially vomiting of sour matters so sour as to set the teeth on edge.

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