Nitricum Acidum

Selects for its special seat of action the outlets of the body where the mucous membrane and skin meet; these pain As from splinters. sticking pains. Marked improvement of all symptoms while riding in a carriage. Acts best on the dark complexioned and past middle life. Syphilis, after abuse of Mercury. Pains appear and disappear quickly ( Bell.) Hydrogenoid constitution. Sycotic remedy.
Blisters and ulcers in mouth, tongue, genitals; bleed easily. Fissures, with pain during stool, as if rectum were torn. All discharges very offensive, especially urine, faeces, and perspiration. Persons who have chronic diseases, and take cold easily and disposed to diarrhoea. Excessive physical irritability. Cachexia, due to syphilis, scrofula, intermittent fever with liver involvement and anemia, etc. Gravel; arthritis. Capillary bleeding after curettage.
BETTER, while riding in carriage ( Reverse: Cocculus.)
WORSE, evening and night, cold climate, and also HOT weather.

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