Baptisia Tinctoria

The symptoms of this drug are of an asthenic type, simulating low fevers, Septic conditions of the blood, malarial poisoning, and extreme prostration. Indescribable sick feeling. Great muscular soreness and putrid phenomena always are present. All the secretions are offensive – breath, stool, urine, sweat, etc. Epidemic influenza. Chronic intestinal toxaemia of children with fetid stools and eructations.
Baptisia Tinctoria in low dilutions produces a form of anti-bodies to the Bac. typhosus, viz., the agglutinins ( Mellon.) Thus it raises the natural bodily resistance to the invasion of the bacillary intoxication, which produces the typhoid syndrome. Typhoid carriers. After inoculation with anti-typhoid serum. Intermittent pulse, especially in the aged.
Worse; humid heat; fog; indoors.

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