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The Top 4 Homeopathic Remedies to Heal Burns

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Homeopathy is very good for stimulating and speeding up the body’s healing process in cases of acute trauma and wounds.There are remedies for both the initial and longterm stages of healing that alleviate the pain and help the tissues to repair.  They will also help prevent infections as the burns heal.  Unless specifically mentioned, these remedies should be taken internally rather than in a cream form.

First degree burns

  • Arnica – This is the remedy that is most likely to be in your cupboard at home.  At the first sign of a burn, either minor or severe, give a dose of Arnica.  This remedy helps to remove the shock from the person and will immediately kick-start the healing process.  It will also help to alleviate any pain.  If it is a minor burn, then Arnica may be the one and only remedy needed.  If you want to feel it in action yourself, then the next time you burn yourself in the kitchen while cooking, give yourself a dose and be amazed at how quickly the pain disappears and the mark fades and heals.
  •  Urtica urens – This remedy is made from Stinging Nettle.  As a homeopathic remedy cures in a sick person what it can cause in a healthy person, Urtica urens is fabulous for itching blotches with burning heat.  It is for burns and scalds with burning, itching and stinging sensation.  This is a very good remedy for minor burns and also later in the healing for a second degree burn.

Second degree burns

Causticum – This a wonderful remedy for burns of a second degree.  It will remove the pain and speed the healing of the skin quite some.  The sensation of a Causticum state will be burning, rawness and soreness.  There can be restlessness and irritability with tearfulness.  This is a remedy is very good for burns that are slow in healing.

Third degree burns

An excellent remedy for third degree burns is Cantharis.  Cantharis is very good for severe pain and shock.  The symptoms that it matches for burns are when they are very inflamed and have the sensation of rawness and smarting which is better for cold being applied.  This remedy should be used for all extensive burns.  Cantharis is an excellent remedy for urine infections which may or may not accompany the symptoms.


- The right remedy will give relief to the person very quickly.  Their pain will lessen and they will seem to perk up within themselves.  The remedy should be repeated as often as needed, letting the pain reappearing being a guiding symptom for time between doses.  It could be every half an hour in more severe cases to many hours apart as the person goes through the tail end of the healing process.  If you are newer to homeopathy, a 30c potency is perfectly fine and may be repeated more often than a 200c.  A qualified homeopath will be able to guide you with 200c potencies and when they might be needed.