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Homeopathy for EPILEPSY

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

Epilepsy is a disorder in which nerve cells of the brain from time to time release abnormal electrical impulses. These cause a temporary malfunction of the other nerve cells of the brain, resulting in alteration of, or complete loss of consciousness. There are several forms of epilepsy. Most people will have seen someone suffer a major epileptic seizure, suddenly losing consciousness, jerking the arms and legs, etc. But there are other types of epilepsy – for example, one common form of epilepsy in children merely consists of staring blankly and losing contact with the surroundings for a few seconds.

#Calcarea carbonica. [Calc] 

#Bufo rana. [Bufo] 

#Cuprum Metallicum. [Cupr] 

#OEnanthe crocata. [Oena] 

#Kali bromatum. [Kali-b] 

#Silicea. [Sil] 

#Nux vomica. [Nux-v] 

#Sulphur. [Sulph] 

#Hyoscyamus. [Hyos] 

#Belladonna. [Bell] 

#Causticum. [Caust]