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Homeopathy for Enlarged Adenoids & Tonsils

Monday, July 6th, 2015

Adenoids is the name given to a lump of lymphoid tissue that sits between the tonsils, higher up in the back of the mouth. Adenoids trap germs that enter the body through the nose.This tissue cannot be seen without special instruments or x-rays, since it is hidden behind the roof of the mouth. It is located right behind the nose and if it is large enough, it can block air from flowing through the nose.

The adenoids become swollen and enlarged for just the same reasons as the tonsils become enlarged – infections, both viral and bacterial, as well as allergic stimuli. If the adenoids are quite large, they can cause significant respiratory obstruction, with resultant chronic mouth breathing and snoring. This mouth breathing can cause permanent changes in the facial shape – “adenoidal facies” with elongation of the face and an open-mouthed, slack-jaw appearance. Nighttime respiratory obstruction, with snoring and even sleep apnea can cause significant load upon the right side of the heart. Other problems caused by chronic adenoid hypertrophy include blockage of the eustachian tubes and chronic ear disease and hearing loss.


  • breathing through the mouth
  • snoring
  • stopped breathing for a few seconds during sleep (sleep apnea)
  • frequent “sinus” symptoms
  • ongoing ear middle ear infections or middle ear fluid in a school-aged child

 Homeopathy for Enlarged Adenoids & Tonsils

Hydrastis is perfectly homoeopathic to the totality of the symptoms produced by enlarged adenoids, it has the yellow mucus and general lymphoid hypertrophy.

#Calcarea phosphorica [Calc.p]
It corresponds to the dyscrasia,which permits adenoid growths or tonsillar enlargement. Calcarea iodide may be used in cases which are febrile in nature.Baryta carbonica is also a useful remedy, especially in children who have recurring attacks of acute tonsillitis.

#Cistus Canadensis [Cist]
In scrofulous or arthritic individuals who have enlarged adenoids. There is extreme sensitiveness to cold air, this is characteristic. Sensation of heat and dryness in the throat so intense that the patient must drink to relieve. Cold air inhaled causes distress in the throat, the 6th potency seems to succeed the best. Cistus has a special affinity for the naso-pharynx.

#Tuberculinum [Tub]
Adenoids are greatly benefited and often times permanently cured by a weekly dose of Tuberculinum or preferably Bacillinum.

#Agraphis nutans [Agra]
Obstruction of the nostrils from adenoids. Throat deafness.Deafness and deaf-mutism, breathes with mouth ;open. It is essentially a catarrhal remedy and acts specially on the glands connected with the nasal cavity, and its use generally avoids adenoid surgery.