Diet chart for Asthma and Allergic Patient

Diet chart for Asthma and Allergic Patient


* Get up in the morning at a regular hour.
* Take morning walks or do some physical exercise.
* Take simple diet with out spices at regular hours. Discretion in diet should be strictly observed.
* Keep your bed-room clean of dust. It should have no rugs or carpets in it.
* Take you medicine regularly as directed by your doctor.
* Always sleep early at night at regular hour to get up early.
* Use glycerin soap or Johnson’s baby soap.
* Use cooking oil strictly from packed tins and not loose.
* Flour should not be used more than 8 days old.

* Do not disturb your physical as well as mental as activities of your daily routine.
* Try to avoid smoking completely.
* Hard drinks should be avoided.
* Do not over eat as it is prone to asthma attack.
* Keep your self away from sour and dust.
* Keep your room pollution free.
* Do not use hair oil.
* sweet and sour should not be mixed together.
* Do not use woolen clothes or blankets while sleeping.
* Never use pain Balm (vicks, Amrutanjan etc.) Aspro,Anacin etc.
* Do not use water from earthen ware pot (matka)
* Mosquito coil or mosquito nylon net not to be used.
Fried and faffty foods, Overloading your stomach, smoking, 
Drinking, Sweet dish at night, going out in cold air at night 
after dinner.
Eat simple food without species at regular hours, take light and
nurishing food provided one does not have known allergy to any of
them, take plenty of water during an attack of asthma, take
dinner early in the evening (say 2 hours before sleep), take very
light dinner so that the stomach is almost empty when fall asleep.

Don’t take …….
Banana, bringal, Gram’s products, Preparation, Ladyfingers, urad
and its dal, spices , cold drinks, chuttni and pickles, fried and
fatty things

All Vegetables, cheese, eggs and chicken, soups and fruits

Patient should take more more proteins : milk, cheese, pulses,
soyabeans, custards, puddings etc. Multivitamin tablets should
be added to their daily diet.

The medicines like decadran, Betnelan, Prednisolone, Betnesole,
Celestamine should be avoided as far as possible as these are the corticosteroids and lead to softening of bone (osteoporosis)
and fracture bones as well as increase sugar level in blood. But,
Homoeopathically prepared above medicines in potency 3x,6x,6,30
can be taaken to prevent side effects of the cortigen or steroid.

Mixed Diet Vegetarian

A glass of warm water , one cup light tea
Egg, Half-boiled or scrambled, toast, butter seasonal fruits.

Porridge or corn-flakes with milk & sugar, toast & butter, seasonal fruits.
11 am
Fruit juice (orange) one cup
Meat/chicken, boiled potatoes Bean / fruits, chappati, custard
Curd & Dal-one cup each, cooked
4 pm
Tea with biscuits
Tea with biscuits, fried cheese
Cooked vegetables, Dal, chappati Cooked vegetable, dal, chappati
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