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Crazy College Jokes:

1) One man was standing on the top of a building, his watch fell down, but he went to take his watch only after
ten minutes-why? - His watch was ten minutes slow. 

2) An actress was filling up a form to open an account in a bank. There was a column in the form where one has
to fill Marital status, "Married / single". And she wrote "Occasionally Married".

3) A man advertised in a news paper, in the matrimonial columns : "Wanted a wife". And he received hundreds of
letters and they all invariably read, "You can have mine".

4) What is the Opposite of STD - No TD. 

5) Why Mosquitoes do not fly above the sea - Because Tortoise lives in the sea. 

6) Why B is affected by cold - It is in between AC. 

7) Two elephants went inside a sugarcane farm, one ate sugarcane but the other didn't, why is it so - The other
elephant is Diabetic.

8) A crow laid egg while it was flying but the egg didn't break, How? - It was wearing Diapers. 

9) Once an hunter was chasing an elephant, the elephant ran into a forest, on the way it met its Ant friend,
Ant : Hey, why are you running?
Elephant : Hunter is chasing me.
Ant (Generously) : You come and hide behind me.
Elephant : ??! 

10) An elephant was discharged from an hospital after an operation, on the way he met his friend Ant, the ant
said something to the elephant, on hearing that the elephant fainted, what was that? - It said "I only gave blood
for your operation". 

11) While chatting at the beach, the lovers spoke to each other:
female : Oh! my dear, we are lovers for more than three years now.
Have you not thought about our marriage?
If I regret, will you feel bad?
male : I will discuss this matter with my wife and let you know
female : [without any shock or surprise, replied calmly] You are also
male : "...." 

Proverbs(?): "Golden" Words of College Students

1) "Most certainly common sense would check many divorces".
"Yes, it would prevent just as many marriages".
2) APOLOGY : Something said which you didn't really mean.
3) It's quite easy to be good and lazy. It takes a lot of energy and imagination to be active and naughty.
4) Worries are hereditary, parents have them from their sons and daughters.
5) Drinking a soft drink with a straw is like kissing a girl through proxy.




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