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Once Gulshan was doing a photo shoot and he posed with a herd of buffaloes. Next day the photo appeared in the front page of a leading newspaper, with the caption, "Gulshan, third from left."

What is Chunky Pande's family planning pollicy?
Don't have more than two children in one year, especially not from the same woman.

A reporter once asked Gullu, "What is the main reason for divorce?" Grinned Gullu, " Marriage."

Gulshan Grover was sitting at a bar in L.A. The man to his left tells the bar tender, "JOHNNY WALKER, SINGLE." The man's companion says, "JACK DANIELS, SINGLE." Then the bar tender approaches Gullu and asks, " And you sir?" Gullu replies nonchalantly," GULSHAN GROVER, MARRIED."

Once Gulshan Grover was coming out of the airport. As there was a huge rush the security told him "WAIT PLEASE." To which Gullu replied. "Seventy Kg's." He then proceeded to move on. Har Har.

How does Gulshan kill a fish?
He drowns it.

With the irritating number of Mithun movies week after week, what are people calling the line up?
Ans. The Mithun Film PESTival.

What would Priya Gill be called if she was into automobiles?
Miss Kar - Gill.
When Gulshan grover ran crying and complaining to his dentist, why did the dentist think he was trying to tell the time?
Answer: Because he kept saying 2:30, 2::30 (tooth hurty).

Five 'Wise Ones' from Confucius-Chunky ~
Man who drops his watch in the toilet bowl is bound to have a 'shitty time'!!!
Lady who says "No" means "Maybe", when she says "Maybe" she means "Yes", but when she says, "Yes", she's no lady.
Woman who goes to man's apartment for snack - gets tit-bit.
Passionate kiss is like spider - web, it leads to the undoing of the fly.
Man who fight with wife all day - get no 'peace' at night.

One person from Utter Pradesh (UP) was in Mysore for about four years and his wife in Jaunpur (UP). At the end of four years he distributed sweets to his colleagues in office stating that his wife had delivered a son. His colleagues were quite shocked and they asked how this happened when our friend was in Mysore and his wife in Jaunpur.
He said it is common in UP that neighbours take care of the wife (good samaritans) when men are away.
The colleagues asked, "What name will you give to the son?"
To which he replied : "If it's the first neighbour who has taken care, then the name would be PAHLAJ. If it's the second neighbour, then the name would be DWIVEDI, if it is the third neighbour then it would be TRIVEDI, if it is the fourth neighbour then it would be CHATURVEDI and if it's the fifth neighbour PANDEY.
After listening to this, questions followed and what if it is a mixture of neighbours? Then it would be named as MISHRA and what if the wife is shy to tell the name of the neighbour, then it would be SHARMA, and what if she refuses to divulge the name of the neighbour then the name of the child would be GUPTA. If she does not remember the name then? It is YAAD-AV. If it is the result of rape,it is DOSHI. Finally, if she is too enthusiastic about it, then he is JOSHI.

Ek bar ek showroom mein salesman ke liye interview ho rahe the. Ek
ladka bhi interview dene ayaa.ladke ko angrezi aati nahin thi, to
usko manager ne reject kar diya. Ladke ne manager se kaha, aapko
sale se matlab hona chahiye angrezi se kya? aap mujhe chance dein,
agar sale badh jaye to salary dena nahi to hata dena. Manager ko
baat janch gayi. Ladke ko Naukari par rakh liya gaya.

Phir kya tha, doosare din se hi sale dugani, teesare din tiguni
aurr daily sale badne lagi. Showroom ke malik ko pata laga, usne
manager se kaha, is naye ladke se mujhe milna hai. Malik showroom
par aaya, usne dekha ladka ek customer ko fishing-rod bech raha
tha. Woh door khada ho kar hi usko customer se deal karte dekhne

Ladke ne fishing-rod bech di. customer ne kaha kitne rupaye,ladka
bola Rs.800/-. yeh kahkar ladke ne customer ke shoes dekhe aur
bola, itne mehange shoes pahankar fishing karne jayenge? ek sport
shoe bhi kharid lijiye, customer ne sport shoes bhi kharid liye.Ab
ladke ne kaha talaab kinare dhoop mein baithna padega, ek cap bhi
kharido? lijiye to theek rehega,customer ne cap bhi kharid li.
Ab ladke ne kaha, machli pakadne mein bahut intezar karna padega,
kuchch eatables, wafer , biscuits, bhi le jayiye, customer ne woh
bhi kharid liye. Ladka bola machli pakdenge to rakhenge kahan ?
yeh ek Rs.100/- ki basket bhi le lijiye, customer ne woh bhi
kharid li. ab total bill bana Rs.2000/- ka.

Malik bahut khush hua. Usne ladke ko bulaya aur kaha, tum to kamal
ke salesman ho. Woh aadmi fishing rod kharidane ayaa tha aur
tumane usey itna sara samaan bech diya, very good.

Ladka bola, woh aadmi to"Carefree sanitary pack" kharidane ayaa
tha, maine kaha, char din tu ghar par kya karega, Machli pakad.

Bill Gates was in India a few days ago.
He announced that Microsoft plans to release a windows2000
version in Hindi. Here are some Windows related terms
that may be used in the Hindi version of...

Windows 2000: Khirkiyan  2000

File = Phaail
Save = Bachao
Save as = Aise Bachao
Save All = Subko Bachao
Help =  Mujhe Bachao
Select = Chuno
Select All = Sab Chuno
Find = Dhoondo
Find Again = Firse Dhoondo
Move = Hilao
Mail = Dak
Mailer = Dakiya
Zoom = Paas se dhekho
Zoom Out = Dhoor se dhekho
Open = Kholo
Close = Band Karo
New = Naya
Replace = Badli Karo
Run = Bhaago
Print = Chaapo
Print Preview = Dekh Ke Chaapo
Copy = Teepo
Cut = Kaato
Paste = Chipkao
Paste Special = Jayada Chipkao
Delete = Dho dalo
View = Nazaara
Tools = Auzaar
Toolbar = Auzaar ka dabba
Spreadsheet = Khuli Chaadar
Database = Bahi Khaata
Insert = Ghusao
Tree = Ped
Compress = Thooso
Mouse = Chooha
Click = Tik-Tik Karo
scrollbar = Idhar-se-Udhar.Udhar-se-Idhar
Exit = Chal Phoot




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