21'st Century Problem Solving 

A web site dedicated to problem solving algebra problems. Information for students, teachers, administrators and parents. 

3x+1 problem and its generalizations, The

The 3x+1 Conjecture asserts that, starting from any positive integer n, repeated iteration of this function eventually produces the value 1.


Contains a complete course in abstract algebra, designed for the college to graduate level.

Addison Wesley Longman Math Notes

A commercial web site for an interactive math tutorial for algebra and college mathematics but you can download the software and go through several tutorials and study aids online for free to try them out.

Addition, Problem Solving, & Algebra

An algebraic lesson plan, using the Suremath web site.


Discusses postulates, function basics and simple graphing, kinds of functions, and function squashing.


From this web site you will find many different solved applications of Algebra.


Provides a brief introduction and history of algebra and then goes into the basic concepts. After you have read all of the material, how about a quiz?


A research paper on Algebra.

Algebra II: Integers and Operations

A course in Integers and Operations. Includes practice materials.

Algebra/Algebra Lessons

Contains a complete set of algebra lessons, in English. Some lessons are also given in French.

Algebra/Chemistry Mixture Problems

This site contains an interactive algebra based project for grades K-12.

Algebra Elements

This site discusses Algebra elements, and gives examples.

Algebra Group of the LUC, The

Visit the Algebra Group of the LUC to find publications, mathematicians, news groups and more.

The Algebra Line

Contains an 'overview of algebraic subjects presented as a problem to solve followed by the mathematical solution.

Algebra in Middle School For All?

A discussion on whether algebra should be taught to children on the middle school level.

Algebra of Functions and Composition of Functions

This web site explains domain, range, and functions.

Algebra Problems

So, you think you know your algebra fairly well? If so, test your knowledge while you are at this web site. There is the 7-11 Problem, Maximum Volume of a Cone, Length of Groove on an LP Record and much more.

An Algebra Review in 10 Lessons

This is a review of (high school) algebra in 10 lessons meant to prepare a student for the Math Placement Test at The University of Akron. However, it is a resource for any high school or undergraduate student.

Algebra, Simple & Fun

Includes everything about inverters, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, in an easy-to-understand format.

Algebra Through Problem Solving

An online interactive version of the book by the same title used to help students learn algebra. Each chapter contains problems to solve. Available in downloadable PDF format as well.

Algebra Topics

A well-done web site that appears to still be under construction but nevertheless contains some useful information for those either needing to refresh their memory on basic algebra or those getting ready to go to the next level.

Algebraic Areas of Mathematics

Just one page on algebra at a rather large web site that discusses the different mathematical categories. The index is located here.

The Algebraic Method

This site contains a discussion on algebraic manipulation.

Algebraic Number Theory Archives

This site is the home to the preprint archives for papers in Algebraic Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometry.

An Algebra Review in 10 Lessons

This is a review of (high school) algebra in 10 lessons meant to prepare a student for the Math Placement Test at The University of Akron. However, it is a resource for any high school or undergraduate student.

An audio glance at algebra

This site describes how to use audio to teach blind students algebra. Uses Mathtalk, a program which articulates algebra

Arithmetic and Algebra Review Problems

Includes problems and answers for different levels of math, including Three Skills for Algebra.

Art of Algebra

Explains how most history of Algebra takes a linear approach and why that should change.

Bittinger/Ellenbogen Algebra

A series of three online books to help students and teachers in Elementary, Intermediate and Combined Algebra courses. 'This series not only provides students with the tools necessary to learn and understand math, but also provides them with a front row seat of how math works in the world around them.' You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the documents.

Boolean Algebra

Includes definition and examples of Boolean Algebra.

A Brief History of Algebra and Computing

This site explains the origin of algebra, elementary English algebra, Algebra and Analytical Engines, Boolean Algebra, Algebra & Computing, and Recent Developments in the Algebra of Programs.

Calculating a Car Payment

Students will learn to calculate monthly car payments using complex fractions and large exponents.

Computer Algebra Systems

Included are commercial and shareware algebra programs, ready for download.

Construction of General Algebra and their Elements

An overview of the construction of general algebra and their elements. Subsections include construction of a general algebra and constructions of an element of a general algebra.

Cool Math: Functions

'Explains the concept of a function from a beginning Algebra level up through pre-calculus.'

Cornell University Lecture Notes

This site contains a set of lecture notes on a course given at Cornell University on Linear Algebra.

Counter Examples in Clifford Algebra

A paper that provides counter examples to clifford algebra, spinors, spin groups and the exterior algebra.

Dan's Math Lessons - Basic Skills Topics

Easy-to-follow explanations of some of algebra's basics along with some at the intermediate level.

Dear Parents

This site recommends algebra programs that are interesting to use.

Elementary Algebra

From this site you can test your algebra skills by doing problems online.

Elementary Algebra Exam

An exam to determine the readiness for intermediate algebra.

Exercises in Math Readiness

Contains exercises from beginner to advanced topics in Algebra, Trigonometry, Logarithms and Exponential, Set Theory and topics in logic and proofs.' You can choose from three levels of expertise - introductory, moderate & advanced.

Fibonacci Numbers and Golden Section in Nature, The

The original problem that Fibonacci investigated (in the year 1202) was about how fast rabbits could breed in ideal circumstances.

Formel Manipulator

'A computer algebra system in C++/JAVA.'

GAP Manual: 38.26 Algebra Elements

This site contains a paper on algebra elements.

GCSE Answers' Mathematics Department

Contains easy-to-follow instructions on solving algebra problems at several levels - Easy Start Algebra 1, Easy Start Algebra 2 and Heavy Duty Algebra. Need help? Just click on the help link. Think you have solved the problem? Click on solution to see if you have solve it correct. Other math topics are also available on this page.

Geometric Algebra and Mathematical Physics - Electrodynamics

This abstract is about geometric algebra and was written by Dr. Anthony Lasenby.

Girls to the Fourth Power Algebra Program

A 'pilot algebra tutoring program for girls' - it goes about teaching algebra and its functions in a fun and entertaining way with examples girls can relate to.

Graph My Equation

A very cool AVA applet where you just type in a function and the applet will graph it for you. Takes the place of a graphing calculator.

Harcourt Brace Math Glossary

A wonderful glossary for math terms for grades 1-8 - just click on the grade level you want and then the first letter of the math term you are looking up (as in a for algebra, t for triangle, etc.) and you will see an explanation of the term. You can also access some interactive games, puzzles and activities

IM SMART Lesson 7 

Tour Texas to determine distances between two points. Use proportions and map skills in problem solving.

IFS Playground 

This is the start page for the Iterated Functions System Playground. This system provides an interactive interface to IFS systems.

Indy 500

Students have to figure out the mean and median speed for the Indy 500 as well as the rates and length per lap. They will need a calculator and Internet access.

Interactive Algebra 

Contains interactive algebraic problems for the user to solve. It is broken down into eleven lessons, and is a wonderful site for a review of algebra.

Lessons by Susan Boone

A series of lessons that 'incorporate the use of the internet' in learning Algebra.

Introduction to Geometric Algebra

Covers the topics of multiplying vectors, rotations and geometric algebra, analytic and monogenic functions, and algebra of spacetime.

Ivars Peterson's MathLand 

This site discusses Pi and how you can use the distribution of the bright stars in the sky to Approximate the value of Pi. 

Luke’sMarin Mersenne Page 

This site is dedicated to links with biographies of Marin Mersenne, the Mersenne Numbers and the Mersenne Primes. A variety of links will take you to freeware, mailing lists, and other sites about the Mersenne Primes. Site includes several WAV files with correct pronunciation of various names.

MATH091 - Intermediate Algebra

A college course for students who need to improve their algebra skills before they advance to college algebra. Included are lecture notes that are presented in slide format on each topic that are printable but they are very slow to load .

Math 101: Concepts of Modern Algebra

Notes for an algebra course at the college level made available on the web.

Math for Kids - A Medieval Adventure in Problem Solving

A web site made for 4th graders by 4th graders to improve their 'math problem-solving skills' by practicing word problems.

Math Forum - K-12 Algebra 

Visit this site for classroom materials, software and interesting internet projects. Check out the Algebra Shareware for IBM and IBM compatable computers and AskDr. Math, where you can get your Algebra questions answered through e-mail. Also visit the Math Forum Middle School Problem of the Week - it gives you different problem to solve each week and also includes an archive of past problems and solutions as well as last week's solution.

MathPro Online: Online Reference to Mathematical Problems

What is MathPro? It is an 'electronically searchable database of journal and contest math problems compiled by MathPro Press (founded by Stanley Rabinowitz in 1989) and located in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Missouri - Rolla. The database currently references 20946 math problems from 38 journals and 21 contests.'

Math Share Shop

Includes 'a collection of reference sheets, memory-aids and visual organizers stuffed with the basic facts of high school math.' Topics include Algebra, Geometry, Logic, Probability, and Trigonometry. In the algebra section, it covers combining signed numbers, polynomials and fractured equations, factoring polynomials, quadratic equations and graphing linear equations.

Math Tour: ThinkQuest 1998: Algebra Problems

A series of problems to solve (solutions are also provided) with varying degrees of difficulty.

Mathematics: Developmental/Related: Main Menu

Guides set up by the University of Western Louisiana's Energy Conservation Enhancement Project to show students how math is utilized in determining the energy efficiency of homes. Algebra, fractions, decimals, ratios - it's all here.

Matrix Algebra

Provides 'reviews of the most important results, techniques and formulas in college and pre-college mathematics.'

Mersenne Search Status 

This site summarizes the current search status for Mersenne numbers with exponents below 2,630,000. You can download software, join a mailing list,and download the database.

More Alternative Approaches to Algebra 

A problem solving web site, containing algebra concepts. Use 3 X 5 cards and popsicle sticks to learn algebraic concepts.

Multi-dimensional Analysis 

This site, created by George W. Hart, describes Multidimensional Analysis and linear algebra. 

MuPAD - a Computer Algebra System  

This site describes MuPad - a Computer Algebra System. It allows you to download MuPad, visit their support area, and download papers and documentation.

Netlib Master Index 

A master index for all types of formulas, programming, software, etc.


An interactive way to solve algebraic equations. Enter an equation and attempt to solve it.

9th Grade Math Proficiency Test  

Visit this site and take a 39 question test inclusive of algebra problems.

On A Matrix Partition Conjecture 

A paper on Matrix Partition Conjecture.

An Overview of Basic Algebra

Contains some online material used to refresh students on their algebra skills. It is very detailed on the basic algebra topic as well as powers & polynomials, exponential functions and logarithmic functions.

Pizza, Pizza

A 'cooperative-learning activity for general math, algebra, pre algebra and geometry students that uses percent in creating a pizza pi chart.'

Pleasanton Middle School Algebra  

An algebraic problem is given for the viewer to solve. 

Prime Page, The (An Index of Information on Prime Numbers) 

This site contains articles about prime numbers, software, lists of prime factors and prime factorizations, and archives and facts from various areas. It also includes a listing of sites to obtain mathematical software.


Apply algebra techniques to plan a prom date. Brainstorm to find all cost associated with the prom. 

Publications by Peter Borwein 

This site holds many publications by Peter Borwein on polynomials and related materials.


What a wonderful site! You can come here and take a free online quiz in several math areas to help you prepare for testing in your own class. There are numerous quizzes on different topics to choose from but several of them are algebra related - Solving Rational Expression Equations, Introduction to Functions, Operations on Functions and Polonomial Functions.

Recognizing Numerical Constants 

Includes an introduction, the PSLQ integer relation algorithm, applications of the PSLQ algorithm, numerical techniques, application of PSLQ to Euler Sums, new formulas for Pi and related constants, a general constant recognition procedure, and references.

RIACA- Research Institute for Applications of Computer Algebra 

This site describes the goals of RIACA.

Robbins Algebras Are Boolean 

This site solves the problem are all Robbins algebras Boolean? 

Skill Review: Algebra 

This site contains an algebra review, to aid in studying for the SAT exam.

Solving the Quintic with Mathematica

This site has an interactive poster and directions for solving the Quintic. High speed modem necessary for the poster.

Some Materials for the Graduate Algebra Course

An outline of a graduate algebra course, including syllabus, course notes and various proofs.

SOS Mathematics - Algebra

An exceptional web site for either brushing up on the parts of algebra you may have forgotten or if you just need to learn it all. It covers fractions, conversion, complex numbers, quadratic equations, factorization and roots of polynomials, solving equations, inequalities, inverse functions, logarithms and exponential functions and rational functions. It also has an exam if you want to test yourself.

Specification of a Word 

This site describes Boolean Operators for Elements, Elementary Operators for Elements and Elementary Functions for Elements. 


My site contains much interesting information on: Math: Fractals, Polyhedra, A working 4 dimensional Rubik's cube, A 4-color "proof" puzzle, and more.

A system of generators 

An associative algebra is created by three matrices using matrix multiplication. 

Teaching Ideas by Topics 

This site contains teacher lesson plans in pre-algebra, integers, problem solving and other additional topics. 

University of Arizona Software Programs

Contains some downloadable educational software programs for students to see if they are ready for courses in intermediate and college algebra as well as different calculus courses.

A Web-based Interactive Stock Market Learning Project for K-12 

Contains an interactive algebra-based project for grades K-12. 

WebMath: Instant solutions to your math problems

If you are having problems with your math homework, this web site can probably help you immensely. Need help on factoring polymonials, solving equations, adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing polymonials, quadratic equations or numerous other problems? Just type in your problem and it will walk you through the process of solving it.

Welcome to Math Planet

What a wonderful site that was done by two math team students from 'Vestavia Hills High School, which is known for its achievements in math competitions around the nation.' Check out their 'crash course' that includes an Introduction, Linear Equations, Inequalities & System of Equations, Polynomials, Quadratic Equations, Coordinate Geometry, Radicals, Functions and Discrete Algebra.

What a Steal? Or What a Ripoff?

Students will learn how to use the Internet Bluebook to purchase a car.

A Visual Dictionary of Special Plane Curves

This site contains Algebraic curves of all types with more to come.