Time Zones

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Find information about time such as problems with time that might happen in the year 2000, check your computer's time against US Navy Master Clock, Millennium information and much more.

International Standard Date and Time Notation

This sites has a summary of the international standard date and time notation.

International Time Zones

This site has a search where you can enter any city and it will tell you what time it is in that city, you can download a Time Zone Map, find local times around the world, see how many days, hours, minutes and seconds are left until the millennium and much more.

NIST Time and Frequency Division

The National Institute of Standards and Technology maintains the primary frequency standard for the United States. See GPS Satellite Data, visit the Time & Freq. Museum, read Time & Freq. FAQ and much more.

North American Time Zones and GMT

This site deals with Universal Time. There is a conversion chart for time zones across North American and Pacific from East to West.

The Time of Internet

This site has a guided tour to time measurement, with information such as solar time, times zones, atomic time, legal time, and much more.

Time Server

This site provides information on Network Time Protocol and other related clock synchronization products.

Time Service Department - U.S. Naval Observatory

The Time Service Department, U.S. Naval Observatory is said to be the official source of time used in the United States. Some selections at this site are: GPS Satellite Timing Operations, What time is it?, The USNO Master Clock, Setting your computer to USNO time and more.

The Time Zone Page

This site has the current time available for 596 cities, worldwide. Select place from the list then submit to get current time.

The Times of Our Lives

This site explores the meaning of time. Some selections are What Time Is It?, The Natural Rhythms of Life, Life-cycle Times, Boomers, Generation X, and much more.

US Pacific Coast Time Clock

"You are looking at the very first functioning clock on the WWW". Page automatically updates every minute.

A Walk Through Time

This site takes you through the evolution of time measurement. Some selection are: Ancient Calendars, Earliest Clocks, A Revolution in Timkeeping, The "Atomic" Age of Time Standards and more.

The World Clock

At this site you can see what time it is in over 100 different places at once.


This site has an interactive world atlas and provides information on local time for all countries, sunrise and sunset times in several hundred cities, plus more.