Weights and Measures

Anglo-Saxon weights and measures 

This site has conversion tables on Length, Area, and Volume.

A Dictionary of Measurements 

This site has a summary of most of the units of measurement world wide.

EdwardC. Streeter Collection of Weights and Measures 

At this site you will find an informative article on The Edward C. Streeter Collection of Weights and Measures.


This site has conversion charts for Metric to US equivalent.

Measurements Converter 

At this easy-to-navigate site, you can convert Weight, Capacity, Length, Area, Speed, Pressure, Temperature, Circular measure and Time.

Office of Weights and Measures - New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs 

The purpose of the office is "to make sure that the scales and pumps that measure the milk, bologna, gasoline and every other commodity sold are accurate."

Weightsand Measurements 

At this site there are tables for Mathematical Notation, Metric Interrelationships and Equivalents.  

Weightsand Measurements 

At this site you will find text on "IC 24-6 Chapter 3. State and Local Weights and Measures Program."

The World of Measurement 

A site for upper elementary students to become familiar with some basic concepts of measurement, including length, mass, volume, time, and temperature. This site features basic information, interactive quizzes, activities, and related links.