Art Technics

Art Center
This attractive site features weekly changing articles on art techniques and art history.

Art Education: Free Oil Painting Lesson
A lesson from an artist on how to create traditional, realistic oil paintings. Although the text is somewhat opinionated and aimed solely at classicists, there is useful information on art terminology and the approach of the Old Masters.

Art Instruction Studio
Four short lessons cover the use of composition, space and form, color, and detail. Emphasis is on the development of a unique style.

Art Stand's Art Teacher
At this site, one can ask experts any art question. There are also many links to art lessons and tutorials.

Arti-zine Art Lessons
FREE Art Lesson, FREE Booklets - Enrich your soul and delight your eyes.

The Baren Encyclopedia of Woodblock Printmaking
This fantastic resource contains information on all aspects of woodblock printmaking from selecting materials, to carving the wood, to troubleshooting during the actual printing process.

Bronze casting
A step-by step explanation of the bronze casting process.

Calligraphy Workshops and Tips
This site has articles on adding color or flourishes to one's calligraphy.

Celtic Art and Illumination
Artist Cari Buziak provides fascinating tutorials on creating Celtic knotwork for calligraphy, illuminated manuscript, or painting.

Ceramicsweb 3.0
This excellent and comprehensive resource offers a database of glaze recipes, health and safety information, articles on topics such as pottery throwing, and many links.

A Comprehensive Resource for Sculptors
Here sculptors can find a job board, a bookstore, and news. There are also links for supplies, sculpting tips, and pages for kids.

Creative Encyclopedia
This is a collection of information on painting techniques assembled by Winsor & Newton. Watercolor, oil, and acrylic are covered, and both traditional and experimental techniques are described.

This site contains some short articles on unusual topics such as painting waves realistically and expressionism.

Egg Tempera Painting Medium
This page is dedicated to egg tempera; it describes the history of the medium, and has an extensive bibliography for egg tempera techniques. There is also a message board.

An artist offers examples and advice pertaining to this difficult medium.

Experimenting with Liquid Acrylic
Artist Linda Gunn offers a step by step approach to painting a landscape using liquid acrylic ink.

Exploring Color
Many articles and links pertaining to color use are assembled here. Topics such as varying the color key in a painting are covered.

Four Types of Famous Writing Brush in China
Concise descriptions are given of the types of brushes used for Chinese calligraphy, with advice on brush selection for beginners.

Free Art Lesson
A simple art lesson on achromatic painting.

Fresco Workshop
Here one can find a detailed demonstration on how to create a fresco. There is also good information on the history of this technique.

Glass Line Newsletter
The online edition of a glass blowing newsletter.

Golden Paint: Color Mixing
This painting guide explains properties of color such as hue, chroma, and value. Other resources include a color wheel and several exercises.

The Gourd Artist's Guild
To encourage, enhance and perpetuate the use of gourds as amedium in the arts; an open forum for artists and craftsmen to share ideas, supplies, tips and methods.

A Guide to Drawing Terms and Techniques
A glossary that gives the history and characteristics of drawing materials, techniques, and styles.

Heavenly Visions: Icon Technique
A modern day iconographer explains how to paint religious icons using traditional techniques with egg tempera and gold leaf. A bibliography is provided.

Holography Lasers and Holograms
This site provides information on what holograms are and how to make them. The majority of the text is quite technical and aimed at the advanced student, but there is also a page for kids.

Joe's Creative Journal
This journal offers advice to new artists on overcoming fear and learning to draw. The text also deals with the larger issues of what one wants to accomplish as an artist. Many pictures and examples are shown.

Kama Pigments
This art supplies company geared towards artists who mix their own paints has some basic information on how to make watercolors, oils, or acrylics. There are also recipes for gum arabic solution, egg tempera, egg/oil emulsion, damar varnish, and cold wax medium.

Kathy Courtney, Portraits
Step by step examples on how to create chalk and pastel portraits. There is much practical advice on materials, getting proportions right, and how to plan a portrait.

Articles are available in either English or French on topics such as watercolor palettes and knowing when a painting is finished.

Learning Stone
This resource for sculptors, carvers, and other stone workers offers a discussion group, news on workshops, and links.

Loosen Up!
All "technique" and no feeling leads to art that is boring, trite, and overly academic; artist Louise Cadillac offers advice on how to free up one's artistic style.

Meininger's art supplies
This art supplies company offers some message boards and some art tips such as how to select watercolor brushes.

Modern Art lesson Plans
Exercises that facilitate understanding of pop art, op art, and abstract expressionism can be found at this site.

Artists such as Matisse, Roualt, and Klee have used this technique. Here, one can read about the history of monoprints and step by step instructions to create them.

New Directions in Printmaking
Artist Nik Semenoff describes innovative printmaking techniques that are inexpensive and safer for both the artists and the environment than traditional methods are.

One Artist's Way
Artist Linda Cassidy Lewis offers advice to beginners on how to go from a preliminary sketch on tracing paper to a final portrait in graphite.

Articles, tips and techniques, and resource for artists and painters including art history, reference, online lessons, and organizations.

Painting Tips
Some advice from an artist on handling oil, acrylic, and watercolor.

The Paper Web Glossary
Artists encountering unfamiliar terms while selecting papers can consult this glossary for clarification.

Pastel Demonstration by Betsy M. Kellum
An artist gives a step by step lesson on creating a still life using pastels. Techniques such as underpainting and layering colors are discussed.

Perspective Drawing
Visitors to this site will receive a simple explanation of perspective in art from a mathematical point of view.

Principles of Art Design
View 170 images with a description of the type of media used.

Print and Printmaking Terms
A glossary defines terms from aquatint to woodcut.

Russ McMullin- Scratchboard Tips
This page provides an abundance of useful advice on this medium for beginners and advanced students alike. There is also a message board where scratchboard users can exchange tips.

Sanders Oil Painting Tutorial
This site has an extensive glossary of oil painting terms and two step by step demonstrations on how to create a traditional oil painting.

Scriptorium Lundenis
This site provides information on how to select the best inks for drawing or calligraphy, some ink recipes, and some novel ways to use acrylic paints.

Sinopia Online Pigment and Raw Artist Materials
This art supplies company has great message board forums on a variety of media, including fresco, encaustic, gold leaf, tempera, acrylic, and oil painting. There are also free recipes for making paint, ink, and pastels.

The Technique of the Color Woodcut
Text written in the 1920's on printmaking by artist Walter Phillips. Despite the dated writing style, there is valuable information in this detailed and beautifully illustrated account.

Todd's Art & Design- Colored Pencil Web Board
A message board for colored pencil enthusiasts to exchange advice on techniques and materials.

Vellum Gallery
A page devoted to calligraphy and illumination contains demonstrations on lettering with Gothic alphabets and how to cut a bamboo pen. There are also many good calligraphy links.

Visual Complements by Hilary Page
A detailed, illustrated explanation of how an understanding of color theory can enhance one's paintings.

WaterColor and Water Media Tips and Demos
Artist Ellen Fountain covers topics such as glazing with watercolor, painting from nature, and effective use of value.

Watercolor Demo
Artist George Simmons demonstrates the steps involved in his paintings of flowers. He also provides general hints and tips.

Watercolor Lesson
Artist Cecilia Price provides a step by step watercolor demonstration with a few unusual tips on drying methods and color mixing.

Watercolor Online
This comprehensive resource for the watercolorist includes articles, featured artists, and guides to workshops, exhibitions, and competitions.

The Watercolour Gazette
Sample articles from this bimonthly newsletter are available here. Topics include paint selection and stretching water color paper.

Wax Pictures
A beginning lesson in encaustic; four techniques are demonstrated.

Yewtree Studio Forums Board
A message board where watercolor enthusiasts can exchange advice.