20 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids
learn all sorts of games and crafts. Make festive goodies for a party or your own giftwrap with potatoes.

Michaels Kids Club
come read the newsletter, learn how to make projects, color online, and more.

Aunt Annie's Craft Page
projects to make at home.

Binky the Polar Bear
a hand-puppet, all ready to print out and put together.

Build It Yourself
build whimsical contraptions and remote controlled toys, learn about famous inventors, or visit the top secret laboratory.

Cards For Kids
free program sending handmade cards to children facing life-threatening illnesses. Why don't you make a couple of cards today?

Chinese Papercuts
check out examples of this traditional art form.

Color, Cut and Fold Village
download the foldups and create your own town of paper houses.

Crayons and Computers
learn about colors and cave art with these fun activities!

Eileen's Favorite Camp Crafts
general camp crafts and Jewish crafts. Beadie animals, clay, braiding, and other fun activities for kids.

Fun and Easy Crafts for Kids
paper chains, macaroni necklaces, headbands, puppets, and more.

Half Barrel Pond Page
learn how to build your own pond.

Infostuff: Kid's Stuff
learn how to recycle old paper into new, make paperweights, or look through an animal alphabet book.

Jana's Craft Connection Projects for the Kids
crafts to help you keep cool in the summer and busy in the winter.

Kids Domain Craft Exchange
See crafts ideas from around the world. Search by topic, difficulty level, and title, or browse index for complete listing of projects. Many projects use easy to find, inexpensive materials.

art activities, craft ideas, an art trivia game, an online kid's art gallery called the Fridge, and more.

easy crafts projects designed for young children. Make a dinosaur hat, a pop-up card, a ballerina marionette, and lots more.

Learn2 Make Homemade Paper
get your parents to help you with the tricky parts of this, but otherwise you can make your own paper in an afternoon!

Linit Starch-N-Crafts Idea Site
lots of ideas for fun projects.

Look, Learn, and Do
read great books, learn interesting history and facts, color a picture, and build fun projects.

Make a Paper Airplane
learn how to make two different types of paper airplanes in this neat site from

Make Your Own Planes
three of the coolest paper airplanes ever for you to make.

Milk Carton Bird Feeder
includes diagram and list of good foods to use.

Pack-o-Fun Magazine
family craft and activity magazines. Get lots of ideas for craft projects in the Project index.

Paper Airplane Hangar Page
fold 'em and fly 'em.

Paper Crafts
instructions for making simple paper boats, 5 and 6 pointed stars, and snowflakes.

Paper U - Art Class
use different types of paper to make jewelry, ornaments, a fortune teller, and paper mache.

Recipes for Playdough, etc.
plus finger paints, guk, and more.

Snowflakes You Can Make
George the Gnome gives you instructions.

check out TV Ontario's public television program Stuff! You'll find cool craft ideas, java games, and tons more!

Summer Fun
you say there's nothing to do? Crafts, recipes and outdoor fun will keep you busy all summer long.

Useful Crafts
easy-to-make bookmarks, bird feeders, vases, and earrings.

Wonderful Stitches
resources for stitchery enthusiasts providing decorative patterns and designs for needlepoint, cross-stitch and other forms of decorative stitching.

World Wide Webs: String Figures From Around the World
create you own string figures following online illustrations and directions. For beginners to advanced.