Photo Technics

21 Easy Steps To Albumen Printing by Mike Robinson
Learn how to use egg whites to print photographs.

3D Photography
Learn how to view, take, and project 3D photographs. Information on viewing techniques, taking the pictures, projection, and more.

The Alternative Photographic Process FAQ
This article is on the field of alternative photographic processes for the novice.

Amateur Photographic Science Page - Bjorn Burton
This site focuses on difficult to find photographic data such as Formulas and photo physics.

Amateur Photography
Simple information about the basics on lighting and film, accessories, and more.

Amateur Photography
Various photos taken by different amateur photographers who are tired of seeing the same thing.

AndyArt - Photoshop Tips
A test listing of all the tips on the site, thumbnail pictures of each tip with the text description, and a FAQ page that lists the most common related questions.

Aperture: Photographic Tips and Reviews
Homepage of Kristoffer J. Buquet, freelance photographer. Read his view on what photography is, and browse through some of his photographs.

Art Wolfe Tech Tips
Some tips for outdoor photography. Avoiding flare, creating a silhouette, tight portraits, and more.

Bengt's Photo Page
Over thirty articles can be found here. Some of the selections are: Special Effects, Color Interpretation, Streak Applications, and Shutter Testing.

Basic Photography Guide
Read about shutter speeds, aperture, depth of field, and more.

A Beginner's Guide to Large Format
Questions and answers about large format. What is large format, what is a large format camera, and more.

Black and White Paper Zone - A guide to B&W Photographic Paper
Various photographic papers are described with details about range, packaging, storage, marking, emulsion number, paper design, maximum density, density curves, and more.

Bob Velkov's Photo Page
Here you can find Filter information, Minolta FAQ, Lens Tests, tips and suggestions for photography, a gallery of photographs, and more.

The Brownie Camera Page
This site contains lists and descriptions of Kodak Brownie cameras, history of Kodak roll films, complete history of Kodak, a gallery of photos by Brownie Shooters and more.

Bruce Barrett (Photography)
This site contains information on Large Format photography, Pinhole photography, information on renting equipment, buying film, loading film, and much more.

Camera Review - Photography & Camera Equipment Reviews
A site where professionals and amateur photographers can share reviews of cameras, lenses and other gear.

Canon DV Page
This site contains information about the Canon optura and the Canon XL1. Here you can find product information, accessory information and more.

Craig Yuill's Photography Page
Browse through the latest camera reviews, lens reviews, and more.

Creating a Digital Photomontage
"Want a photomontage of yourself or a friend?" Paint and image-processing software can be used to produce fake photographs. Combine fragments of different images into one new image, apply projections and shading to digital models to create Hollywood special effects.

Ctein's Online Gallery
At this easy to navigate site you can get information on dye transfer prints, view samples of work by Ctein, and more.

Dan's Hangout - Dan's Photo Stuff - Travel and Outdoor Photography Tips
Tips on managing photography and your family, finding good locations, when to shoot, techniques, and more.

The Darkroom
This site contains information about using Adobe's Photoshop. Find photos, before and after using Photoshop along with information on how it was done.

David Baldwin's Night Photography Page
On David Baldwin's Night Photography Page you will find information for beginners of night photography, find photographs of landscapes and buildings at night, and find links to other sites. Click on thumbnail to see larger version. Estimated download times given.  

Digital Image Manipulation
At this site you can see samples of work using digital image manipulation. Click on an icon to see more images. 

Eastman Kodak Company
Some selections at this site are: Digital Photography, Photography, What's Hot, What's New and more. The Guide to taking better pictures has information on choosing film, lighting, lenses, exposure and more.

Electronic Photo-Imaging at the EPIcentre
"If you want independent information about all aspects of digital imaging -- including digital cameras, scanners, printers and image manipulation -- you've come to the right place." 

Eliadis Archaeological Photography from Greece
This site has black and white photography, color photography, articles, icons, coins and more. Images available for downloading.

Family Photo Historian
A website dedicated to helping you organize and preserve your photos. Join the weekly preservation classes with tips on ending clutter, read some reviews of books and magazines on the subject, print or download a free family tree chart.

The FAQ List for Black & White Film and Developer Combinations
This site has a list maintained by Phil Herring of a variety of film and developer combinations. Find film on the list from AGFA, Fuji, Ilford, Kodak, and Konica.

FAQs on Kite-Based Aerial Photography by Skyshots
Answers to questions like: How do you know what you're taking pictures of, what happens if the wind drops under the kite, how much fuel does the balloon carry, and more.

FEATURE: 3D Stereo Pairs
The three key areas to learn about creating ray traced 3D images are composition, 3D camera techniques, and mounting and viewing. 

Fine Art Panoramic Images
Features information on panoramic photography, including cameras, history, and gallery.

Focus on Photography
Topics include: The Big Picture, Camera Basics, Composition, History, and more.

Fodor's Focus on Photography
Learn how to take travel pictures like a pro. Read the guide with 10 easy-to-follow tips with photos, on every aspect of travel photography. 

FotoInfo, Photography's Unofficial Web Page
A very extensive collection of photographic information, the place to find the information you need on photography and imaging.

Gary Auerbach Photography
You can read articles about Platinum Printmaking, read Reviews and selections in the Virtual Gallery are: Platinum Portraiture, Platinum Landscapes Cityscapes and Polaroid Image Transfers.

George Lepp: Nature Photography
George Lepp presents nature photography, outdoor, wildlife and digital photography, tech tips, photographic equipment reviews and panoramas.

Gloriously Colorful Kodaks
At this site you will find photographs and information of Vanity Kodaks, Bantam Special, Kodak Ensemble, many more cameras and links to other camera sites. 

A Glossary of Photographic Terms
This is a page of Photographic terms from A to Z. A veryhelpful site for both the student and tutor.

Graflex Organization: Speed Graphics, Large Format Photography and More
This organization is dedicated to promoting the use and preservation of Graflex Speed Graphics and other classic and large-format cameras. There is a question and answer section for first time users, articles on classic cameras, and on large-format photography in general, and more. 

Great Plains Kite Aerial Photography homepage
If you need to collect information about an object from a distance, you use kite aerial photography. Find out what it is all about here.

Gum Bichromate Photography
Gum Bichromate images, recent exhibitions, work in progress, history, and more.

High-Speed Flash Photography For Amateur Photographers
Does the tip of a snapped towel move faster than sound? Find the answer here. Also, from sound triggers, photogate and contact triggers, to all about taking the photographs, find all the information you will need right here.

How To Create Fake Photos of Ghosts
Great Site! Find out just how easy it is to take photographs that look like they may be of ghosts while listening to the music from X-Files.

The Image Perfected
A site on computer photo manipulation and digital photo arts. Offers free lessons on the subject (not fully available at the time of review), product and book reviews. Good for beginners. (Note: the background color of this site can be hard on your eyes. Make sure you change it as you enter.)

Invisible Light - Infrared Photos by Andy Finney
Here you can find technical information on Infrared photography, view a large selection of Infrared photography and more.

Jim Cheetham - Kites - Night Flying - Photography
At this site you will find information about photographing LED-lit kites. You will also find galleries with images of takeoff, multiple loops, spin landing, and more.

Josh Wand's Home Page
At this site you can find a FAQ section for the topic of Bulk Loading, find information on equipment used, and see pictures in the gallery. Click on thumbnail to see larger version.

Kirlian Photography
Online manuals, learn how to make your own Kirlian camera for under $30, FAQ's on Kirlain photography, a Kirlian photo gallery, and more.

Kite Aerial Photography
Learn about Kite Aerial Photography, view aerial photographs, find information on subscribing to "the aerial eye" magazine and more.

A Large Format Homepage
This site has information on large format photography - Equipment needed, common mistakes, technical topics and more. Not a lot of graphics but abundant information. 

Large format photography Top Level
Question and answer forum associated with a large format homepage. 

Louie's Photography Page
Here you will find tripod information, various photographs, and links to other photography sites. Photos are slow to load.

The Massive Dev Chart
A very useful black and white film development chart. Select a film type and hit display data. Mainly for 35mm films.

Medium Format Cameras Library Page
Tons of information about local medium format photography, medium format camera classifications and notes, medium format camera reviews, and more.

The Medium Format Digest
A question and answer forum, instructions on how to receive the forum as an e-mail digest, how to ask a question, and more.

Mike Ware's Alternative Photography Homepage
Find practical instructions, technical issues, historical essays, and more. 

Monitor Gamma
This site has an informative article titled "Why Do Images Appear Darker on Some Displays?" Site explains Monitor Gamma.

Night photography
On this page you will find information by Mark Webster about taking pictures in the sea at night.

Night Photography: A Photographer's Guide to Shooting in the Dark
Here you will find information about a book that can be purchased "Night Photography." You will also find two night photography images by Dan Norris, read an article by Dan Norris "Capturing a Comet," and more.

The Nocturnes Web Site
Here you will find information about night photography. Read articles, tips, hints and clues, view photos in the gallery, and more. Site is slow to load.

Official Un-Official PhotoCD Info
Have questions about photo CD scans? Visit this site to find the answers to questions like what can I scan to Photo CD, Are Kodak photo CD's Macintosh or PC, slides versus negatives, and more.

Okuyuki's Stereo Photo Gallery
Find out how to see stereo photographs, see some aerial photographs, landscape, flowers, fireworks, and more.

Online Depth of Field Plotter with Frames
Enter the required information and get a plot of front and rear depths of field versus distance for a specific lens.

Online Photography
The goal of this easy to navigate site is to present information and images to inspire and thrill people who Eat, Breath and Sleep photography. Read articles, view pictures and much more.

Here you will find information about cameras, filters, lenses, new products from Panavision, see a gallery of photos from productions and more.

The Panoramic Imaging Zone
A guided tour of the world of panoramic photography with information on a panoramic imaging primer, cameras, experiment, and more.

Photo FAQ's and Documents
This site contains information on Cameras, darkroom, experiments, film, filters, formulas, lens testing, photo CD, Software, links to other photography sites, and more.

Free 'On Line' photography seminars. Photography seminars and workshops by a faculty of experts. Free classified ads for image-makers. Photography hall of fame and image making techniques. Large resource of photography information and innovation.

Photo-Tech Camera Service
Some selections at this easy to navigate site are: Our tip of the month, Fix It Yourself, E-mail Estimate, Technical Assistance and much more.

An excellent site for beginners in photography. Equipment review, tips and advice on traditional and digital photo processing and more. Highly recommended.

This site has tons of information on photography from developing film, techniques, presentations and lots more.

Photographing Fireworks
Helpful recommendations for shooting fireworks, from tripods, cable release, what lens to use, and more. This information excerpted from "California Photographer" newsletter.

Photography - Dr. Alex Yu
This site contains a Photographic Gallery, essays on photography, tips on photography, information on equipment, digital imaging, and more. 

Photography Center
A guide to taking black and white photographs with a section on film developing, printing, and infrared photography.

Photography Tips
You can find information on taking pictures when you are traveling. Some of the selections at this site are What to take, On the road, What not to take, Keeping your equipment and more.

PhotoSecrets Tips
Beginner, intermediate, and advanced tips on how to improve your photography.

Photoshop Professional Tips and Tricks
Learn how to create drop shadows, 3-D objects, irregular multicolor gradients, and more.

Polaroid Homepage
Some selections at this site are Medical Imaging, Education, Products, Creative Uses, Polaroid at Work, Employment Opportunities and more.

Professional Support Products: In the Studio
This site contains hints for making photography better and your studio safer. You can also view photo sessions and find why and how they were done, find a photo gallery, and links to other photography sites. 

Pyro Development
Why use pyro developer for film developing? Read what one person has discovered on this subject.

Research and Standardization in Bio-Electrography (Kirlian Photography)
A short history of bio-electrography, the state of the art in bio-electrography, information about the Kirlian Museum at Krasnodar, and more.

Robert Slade's Basic Photography Guide
A guide for beginners and those with some experience. Includes information on shutter speeds, aperture, depth of field, and more.

Scanning Photos for the Web
Site by Philip Greenspun. Learn about web photos. Find information, tips, links and much more.

Scenic Pictures - Jim Ordway
This site contains information about the photographer, James Ordway and information about ordering photographs. You can also view a gallery of photographs of scenic wonders and majestic landscapes.

Silver Council Home Page
At this site you can find information about the new organization that is developing and promoting environmentally-sound methods of handling silver resulting from photographic processes.

The Simple Making of Stereoscopic Photography
You don't need to buy an expensive camera to take a stereo-photo. Here you can find out to make a stereo-pair photography and see some sample photos taken from a trip to Japan.

Slide Imaging Guidelines
General information, applications such as illustrator, photoshop, canvas, powerpoint, and more.

Stephen's Stereoviews
Just what are stereoviews and how do you view them? You can also find information on panoramic photography and view some photographs.

TECH TIPS: Night Photography
This site contains tips by Michael Reese Much for night photography. You will also find a gallery of pictures, and more. Click on icons to view individual artist's gallery.

TWS Photo Tips
You can find a selection of photo tips from the magazine "Travels with Samantha." Tips on what kind of film to use, lens to use, etc.

WJ's Photo Homepage
This site contains information about cameras and developing film, night vision equipment, photography software, and a selection of over 30 black & white photographs and many links to other photography sites. Click on thumbnail to see full screen version.

Working Photos
This is a beginner's guild to picture taking for people who have little photographic training. It gives good advice and examples on how to takegood pictures for desktop or electronic publications.

XYZ 3-D Photography
An introduction to 3-D photography, how it works, a gallery, and more.

The Zone System In Color Transparency Photography
"earthlight - illumination for the naked ape." Here you will find a summary of procedure when making a photograph, technical notes, a gallery of images by Peter Norquist, and more.