12 Creative Ideas to Make Your Wedding Special

1. Family atmosphere.. Set up a table with frames photos of your close family members. Include your parents and grandparents old wedding portraits.

2. Creative stamps.
Choose special postage stamps for the wedding invitations. Stamps come in a variety of designs and colours to suit the theme of your wedding festivity.

3. Table labels. Identify each table at the wedding with words instead of numbers. If you enjoy travel, name each table after a favorite city. Or, choose names that compliment the guests at the table. Your school friends' table may be named after your alma mater.

4. Wedding donation. Instead of giveaways or party favours, make a donation to a cause in your guests' names.

5. Custom CDs. Make custom CDs. Include your photos and songs from your wedding.

6. Camera fun. Provide each table with a disposable camera and ask them to drop it off at the end of the evening. Your guests will have a lot of fun and you'll get lots of wonderful photos! As an extra touch, give each guest one of their photos with their thank-you card.

7. Slide show. Have a slide show presentation during the reception. Include lots of photos of friends, family and childhood memories.

8. Head table. Make the head table intimate by decorating it with special family pieces - china, an old antique clock or a special fabric.

9. Pretty place cards. Write guests' names on shells, photos or colourful craft paper.

10. Special words. Ask a close friend or relative read a poem or a passage at some point in the ceremony.

11. Time capsule. Ask guests to write down their predictions for the newlyweds (number of children, careers, weight in 5 years…) and then seal them in a box to be opened on your 5 year anniversary,

12. End on a sweet note. Serve cake boxes to each guest with a note attached…."Safe home….Sweet dreams."'