'The Couple Of The Month' Contest

'Couple Of The Month'


Mrs. Chandrani Misra & Mr. Jayanta Banerjee.

Message from Mrs. Chandrani :

I am Chandrani Misra. My husband name is Jayanta Banerjee.
We met on the NET to be specific thru ICQ in the year 1999. He is a Network Engg. I am a software developer. So both of us were too much NETTY to CHAT with each other. After that one day we met in my house and "Love at first SITE" occurred ;-) 
We have got married on 16th day of July 2000. Now we are residing at Jadavpur area, Calcutta. My husband is the best husband in this world. He always cares for me in every possible way. he always helps me out managing household, always care when I am a little sick. Moreover he care for my career too much even though it clashes with his career. Inspite of all these he is a perfect man I have ever seen. his manly behavior and chivalry.
For him I don't know if anyone else thinks in the way as he is, I am the lady in his world. Actually we have a very good understanding and caring for each other. these are the reasons for which both of us think that we are the best couple in this world. I am sending a few snaps of our wedding Hope you will like them. If the entry does not get any prize yet I wish that everyone know that how happy we are inspite of our daily busy schedule we love and care each other so so much........