Check for a list of things to be carried on your way to a honeymoon 

Sporting / adventure honeymoon: The adventure lovers can ‘take a break ‘ away from the traditional honeymoon destinations and discover romance in an exotic place in an exciting way; for instance, camping in the wilderness, which can be a romantic, back-to-nature experience.
In the winter, ski enthusiasts can enjoy their honeymoon skiing in deep snow. Or else, they can ice-skate on a frozen pond or spend the day fishing or trekking and then go back to their cabin and curl   together in front of a huge, crackling fire !

For the art and gourmet enthusiastic: Those who prefer fine wine, ‘gastronomic delights and artistic creations to captive sports can draw up for themselves an itinerary of museums, historical sites and gourmet restaurants. Get recommendations from friends, travel agents and travel brochures. Plan a week of entertainment to include the theatres, museums, forth and palaces, wines and fine food.

Nearby getaways: Your honeymoon does not have to be the ‘typical vacation’ to a far-away destination within the country or overseas. There could be a variety of opportunities available in your surrounding areas. Where you can just enjoy the pleasure of each other’s company in a romantic setting and avoid the complications (and uncertainties) of making travel plans and bookings much a head of time.

An experience in luxury: If your budget permits, indulge yourself in a holiday like you see in the movies or TV or read about in books – a fairy-tale honeymoon set amidst a fairy-tale setting. Book yourself into a contemporary palace hotel. There are varied options available in India. Hotel that are built in the patterns of an old haveli (mansion ) or the real ‘place hotels’ which provide a complete medieval backdrop along with all the modern amenities to make your honeymoon almost too perfect to be true!

This would depend on the itinerary that you choose and also on the weather. Most newly weds tend to over pack , as this is their first ‘long trip’ together. If you are going to a beach resort, and you plan to enjoy water sports as well, your luggage should consist of bathing suits and light summer clothing. Remember to take along your zari saris and suits in case you have to attend evening entertainment programs or formal dinners.
For a honeymoon to the hills (say, Kullu-Manali) where the climate is markedly colder, you’ll have to be prepared for rain and snow. Consequently, heavy woolens are mandatory as also socks, gloves and balaclavas. Keep your documents, medications, jewellery, cash traveler's cheques, camera and other such items in a carry-bag which you should keep with you at all times. This would be safe and wise precaution;
After all, you don’t want any frustrating mishaps to ruin your dreams holiday. Make sure you tale your camera along to capture the most enchanting and romantic moments of your honeymoon. In case you possess a video camera, you could be all the more fortunate in recording (in motion) the captivating and delectable events!

Packing for Honeymoon (Checklist)

Clothing/footwear Toiletries/other items Equipment; Underwear/Dental floss Lotion/Moisturizers Games/books/T-Shirts Brush/comb Address book/
Pajamas/bathrobes Make-up Journal /diary/Lingerie Hair clips/pins Tickets/itinerary/Bathing suit/shorts Razor/aftershave Passport/credit cards
Comfortable pants shaving cream/brush Suitcases/Dress/clothing Perfume/cologne Traveler's cheques/Casual and evening wear Tampons/pads Cash Hand bag Birth control pills Ski gear (optional)/Sweater/sweatshirts Soap Hiking gear (optional)/Jacket/coat and tie Nail polish/remover Tennis gear (optional)/Dress shoes Nail file Contact lenses/Tennis shoes Cotton balls/Q.tips Sun glasses/Clothing/footwear Nail cutter/Sandals/chappals Toiletries/other items/Jewellery Hair spray/mousse/Jogging suits Towels/Sports clothing Shampoo/conditioner/(optional) Mouthwash/ Aspirin/First aid kit (travel)


Itinerary and tickets: Once you have finalized the travel plans for your honeymoon, gather all the tickets together and review your itinerary. Make sure all the dates and times are correct. Check out all cancellation policies for hotels, car rental, airlines and so forth.

List credit card and other numbers: In a separate diary or journal, list all your credit card numbers,driver’s licence number bank account numbers, traveler's cheques numbers and any other important information. In case you lose your wallet or it is stolen, you could easily cancel all your credit and order new traveler's cheques without panicking. Ensure a smooth honeymoon for yourself.
Medication: Bring along copies of your doctor’s prescription, if any, for medication and eyeglasses or contact lenses. While traveling, keep other important medicines within easy reach (say, in your purse) and not in your luggage.

Obtain traveler's cheques: Carry traveler's cheques to avoid the unnecessary tension of possible pilferage of cash. If your wallet is lost or stolen, you can still get your money back; if you carry cash, you are out of luck. Carry small change: Of course, you will need to carry some cash to start with. Make sure you carry enough small change to tip bellboys and waiters (in hotels), porters, taxi-drivers and other, as well as for small purchases. Take along credit cards: Take along major credit cards which are accepted almost everywhere. If you run out of money, you can charge meals, hotels and entertainment expenses to your card. You could also get cash from certain banks by showing your credit card

Exchange foreign currency in a foreign country:

If you are honeymooning outside India, wait until you get to the foreign country before you change currency. Change the currency as and when you need it on your honeymoon. Apply for visas, passports in advance: If you are planning an overseas honeymoon, ensure that you have your passport ready and up to date. Make sure you get the visas from the embassies/consulates of the countries that you plan to visit well in advance, to avoid last-minute hassles when you are ready to travel.

Last but not the least:  

Don’t forget to send a picture postcard to both your parents, wherever you go. They have worked hard and striven to their utmost to make your wedding a perfect one, and they certainly deserve your remembrance and gratitude.
It would be a thoughtful idea to bring back a souvenir for your parents or for your brother or sister or a close friend, as a small thank-you gesture.